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Importing a vehicle from Holland

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Hello all


Im in the process of buying GMC from Holland.


I am looking at driving it on and off the ferry then Low loading it home.


What barriers am I up against in doing this?



Am I able to just drive it off and bring it home then apply for the Nova cert?


Any info and advice would be greatly received

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I have brought a couple of vehicles from Holland no problem . To save time I notified NOVA with the relevant info prior to bringing the vehicle in .


If the vehicle is registered in Holland it will need a white export plate this should be completed by the owner of the vehicle this demonstrates to the Dutch authorities that it is leaving the country. Dutch customs may want to see it .


As you are putting the vehicle on a low loader road insurance will not be an issue.


My experience was with post was vehicles not war time, but I cannot see why it has to be different .

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Check with your insurance company! They are normally quite happy to cover you from collection to home on a foreign plate, but it must be direct. It is worth keeping an itenary of where and when you started , ferry tickets and time cleared customs in UK etc with you on the trip, so if something does happen you can document your compliance.

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Thanks guys,


I've found out its ex Belgian army GMC, has all the correct paperwork,


Insurance company will cover me to drive home, But I may low load it home, if i can find a decent quote




At the risk of pointing out the obvious do remember you need to be insured to drive within the docks both sides and on/off the ferry. In the UK the Road Traffic Act will apply within the docks although the vehicle doesn't need to be registered as it's not on the public roads. It can safely be assumed the equivalent will apply in Holland.


Regarding NOVA it is only necessary to declare within 14 days of the import so no immediate rush.


Is it actually Dutch registered? If so then no problem to drive it home in the UK as long as your insurers know its status. If it's not registered or the registration has expired then best to have it loaded home.


Regards - MG

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