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  1. 24v diesel land rover, a guy did not understand that + and - could be opposed depending on battery type. He hammered the negative on the positive post, then used flat copper pipe to fill out the other side. Imagine the damage done when he tried to start it. It was a nice idea, but idiots gonna idiot.
  2. At this rate, it be best to pack up and leave the country.
  3. We have two 101fc ambulances, both tanks are leaking, one needs adapting to automatic and left foot accelerator pedal. The other is a power steering donor and other bits. Can I por 15 both tanks with a modification? 100L in the original location, the other tank goes above it, where the little access locations house both 50 mm rubber hoses to connect them. Ideally I need the wheel centers and have Discovery 1 outers welded to them to accommodate tubeless tyres.
  4. Indeed it is the guy. I follow him since a year before the workshop fire. he worked wonders on those tracks, that original engine runs better than expected. There are a few that hope his girlfriend starts tinkering some more.
  5. He has a Chinese T69-II and is looking for a gun controller and deact machinegun. I have a UK post address to use as a middleman for transport. Thanks in Advance.
  6. DshK or a Type 54 (=chinese DshK) EU deact as one is needed to put on a T69-II tank turret. Who can point me in the right direction?
  7. buy it, ship it to me in the uk and i will enjoy it!
  8. i am steaming to a midlife crisis, i can justify it.
  9. Is it bad that i want it? Including chrome...
  10. the reality of not having a venue? otherwise it still be on.
  11. The government banned meetings of more than 30 people, but the hopfarm was the one that shut down the show. That tells me quite a lot about the W&P organisers and how money rules, not safety. At least you can get a refund i guess, as a bonus, the toilets are clean this year.
  12. a replica van like this, loaded with bradworst and curry ketchup. might be a thing to sell Bavaria 0.0 beer too.
  13. Anything else you can do? like start it up in Germany instead whilst working with BAOR legend Wolfgang? I can still work for you and fly between Germany or Amsterdam back to the UK. Anything we can do further?
  14. quote: but please for those who have not made a comment yet, please if you can find the time to add a few comments and support my efforts to bring something different to our world...thank you to all those who have supported this so far... end quote.... i had interest in working for you in 2016, i still have that drive today. when you are ready, give a shout. i still have a 12 x 12 tent as used in the cold war to camp in if needed.
  15. i have for sale: a few 24v FFR ignitions and some leads / coils 24v alternators both dutch and uk style and a set of 24v petrol starter motors. and a load of series stuff like the gearbox guard plate, front axle casing with strengthener rib and a few items for a 3.5 rover V8 like SU carbs, 2x inlet manifold and 1x two barrel carb inlet manifold, 2x cylinder heads. is there any interest? they are in Holland but can put items on a pallet.
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