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  1. Not really saying that In my option the M was never used by the military
  2. As far as I know WM is wide track model M I have two reprint publications of USA equipment used during WW2 and the M is not mentioned The larger HD is listed (Tractor heavy M1) is listed
  3. Interesting, I don't believe they were used by the military, larger All is maybe but not the M Have never been able to find a military one in a book There is at least one in preservation painted in military colours but really not sure of its provenance
  4. Troop Carrying Vehicle. Possibly three tonners
  5. Interesting question 1. If the T is registered as prior to 1960 and is used unladen and towing an unladen trailer then it can be driven on a CAT B licence. If used laden the a vocational licence is required 2. Did you inform the DVLA of your heart problem? If you did they would have suspended your vocational licence and the organised after a period of time a medical examination ( at their cost) to ascertain whether they would give you your licence back. This usually means an ECG treadmill test 3. If your licence is returned it will probably only be for three years before another medical 4. If you didn't tell the DVLA then unfortunately you have technically broken the law
  6. Interesting question I have known the DVLA require a NOVA declaration for vehicles that are of British origin The DVLA look for the NOVA marker against the chassis number if its not there then they can refuse the application
  7. He always has interesting stuff to sell!
  8. Suggest you speak to the verification officer of the MVT or IMPS before you do anything They will give you all the advice and help you need to deregister.
  9. Try Albert Jaggers, they do this sort of thing Google may be your friend
  10. It is/was for sale on eBay recently
  11. Next project half way complete The 1/35 IBG models Scammell R100 gun tractor! Fully agree about the downward slope, next up will be the Scammell Pioneer tank transporter, with tank of course
  12. Exactly how I understood the production went!! Must be one of those as they would say on a well known internet auction site "very rare" to have been produced in 1960!!
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