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Re: Kiddies extinguisher


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That image is pretty much the same as my 4lb US Kidde unit Adrian. I found one on e-bay US, with the original mounting bracket, for my T-36. I don't have a separate link to an image, but you can see it and the bracket, near the bottom of this thread;




When you find one, there is a link somewhere on G503 to someone who has reproduced the Kidde decals too.

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Hi what vehicle is the extinguisher going in as I have ones for Sherman m10 m36 these are around 15 to 19 lbs full weight depending on charge kiddie model 4t mine have been tested and re filled so are fully usable £500 each

randolph laboratories also made fire extinguisher in ww2 for m10 Shermans etc very simler but a sloted Handle there model is ff4-h I also have some of them,all are war time dated.

they do come up in various countries on eBay last one I was out bided at $355

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I have the Naval Aviation listing for the Pistol Grip CO2 Kidde extinguishers here ( denoted by the "R" prefix)


2.36lbs, 16" long, total weight 8.9lbs, model 2TA, part no 26295, stock code R58-E-205

3.62lbs, 20 3/16" long, total weight 13.5lbs, model 4TB, part no 93138, stock code R58-E-211-22

5 lbs, 15 7/8" long, total weight 16.3lbs, model 5TA, part no 92755, stock code R58-E-207

7lbs 4oz, 20 3/8" long, total weight 22.2lbs, model 7TA, part no 92508, stock code R58-E-210


Spec M106C, Walter Kidde and Company


the 15lb CO2 capacity unit weighs 55lbs total, and stock code is 58-E-194, but it doesn't specify a manufacturer. My "4lb"Kidde unit meets the details of the R58-E-211-22 above

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Any idea about this one, it is 1945 dated. It seems abit bigger and as Adrian says it has a flatter bottom, I believe it is the last three digits 755 as mentioned above.






Sorry Danny, got no matches to that number. The only general point in the listing is that all the Kidde items listed are CO2 units, while powder, chemical, etc are all other manufacturers. Up to 7lbs weight seem to be available primarily as pistol grip units

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