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Bird cages? The tether and weight on the top indicates they're the tropicalised hurricane-resistant version.


On a more serious note, are they anything to do with airships?


Not any of those Lauren

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these are frames made of steel which are used as a pair which are covered or inserted into what to make something

are they to make a tow


They are not solely frames as such but depict the edges of the structures Wally. I have sprayed in the sides of the things. Don't understand "to make a tow".


You won't believe this a.jpg

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Bathing huts! :D Or in military terms, are they de contamination sprays?


I can see the similarity Tony but not meant for either of those things.


Perhaps I could enter in the competition/ http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/apr/15/dorset-residents-angry-over-tv-shows-beach-hut-competition


This design would certainly be better than what I have seen so far that are indulgent designs that look like a mixture of something for Dr Who designed at Tate Modern :embarrassed:

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I'm thinking this might be submerged, the beams overhead and tie-downs may be to prevent the objects from floating up.


PS, re those car spraying lessons you where going to give me, I'd like to cancel if possible..:D

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a tow as l know it is a float for sweeping mines or a target towed behind a ship or between two ships

is this a shelter or a hide


Ah I'm with you now Wally, no its not that. Shelter/hide is a good idea but not that.

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