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hello from West Sussex

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Hi all I'm Dave, been lurking on here a while, every time I search an armoured or soft skin subject on my google search engine this site comes up with the goods, so it is high time I put something back. My first interest with MV's came when I joined MVCG in Worthing as a lad, back in the late seventies, chap there under worthing rail bridge had a M3 Halftrack that I had just made the Tamiya kit of. So natuarally my interest grew, knowing family WW2 history involved such vehicle as Morris Quads, Dodge Weapons Carriers and such like it all seemed too glamourous to be true. when combined with Christmas showings of Battle of the Bulge, Kellys Heroes, Dirty Dozen and where eagles Dare It's hardly surprising I though of war as a cool, exciting adventure. Of course, it isnt, as I found out later on when I joined the Infantry Milan platoon of my county regiment, then later as an Army Phot in what is now refered to as the AFPU, or in it's previous guises as PINFO, Media Ops. But it gave me an ideal chance to photograph my secret obsession of WW2 vehicles. So, no time to waste, I've some old photographs to post...

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