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  1. Help I need a wring diagram for the two speed gen in ferrets as I need to my one repaired Thanks Shane
  2. Sorry about that, I must have had a better night than I thought! I have now managed to attached the photos, and the trailer is a 3/4 tonner. [ATTACH=CONFIG]122037[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]122038[/ATTACH]
  3. Firstly, Happy New Year to All! It is at this time of the year that Three Wise Men appear, and I would like to consult them before they disappear. On filling up my hydraulic brake dampener oil leaked out from the end seals. Does anyone know:- 1. Where can I get new oil seal? 2. Where can I come by a C spanner to undo the end caps? See pictures attached:- If you are wondering about the jar of chocolate spread, I have a rodent problem in the garage, and I find using it, the mice queue up to put their heads in the trap. Shane
  4. Hi Fugly See attached photo of my Saracen wheel station you can see the top suspension pin with tow holes in the end where your tool fits. its the same on the bottom pin but on the other side.
  5. Welcome to the forum good to see someone from the Aldershot Concrete Company (ACC) brave enough to put their head above the parapet :-D
  6. Its all true but keep talking the pills
  7. Hi Howard welcome to the forum its good to see another MK1 being loved and on the road
  8. Hi And welcome to the forum you can't have too many ferrets, we will have to get them together to start a breeding programme.:-D I am in West Sussex so if you need to look over a ferret to help you put yours together just contact me Shane
  9. Can anyone identify the markings I've uncovered on the front of this Saracen. You can just see the markings of Armour core, the red and yellow triangles form in the square. The above we have these markings and are puzzled to what unit they refer to anyone help?
  10. Hi Nick You were quite right in the end of friend lent and large ball splitter but it also required some heat and the safest way we found was to use boiling water, with that a large hammer it all came apart quite quickly. And this is the offending item
  11. Thank you for all the advice. We have considered using heat but as you can see from the photos there is a lot of hydraulic oil in the bottom of the hull so I am reluctant to use heat because of the risk of fire. The really annoying part of this is that I have just had to remove the radiator and fans to replace the fan belts so couldn’t start her up so once back together topped up the oil reservoir and fired her up that is when the leaking Jack’s showed up. Not all together surprising since it hasn’t been running for about 30 years. But once again thanks for the advice and if you have any
  12. I am looking for help from one of few clever boy. I have both of my steering Jacks leaking hydraulic oil obviously it’s the oil seals that need replacing but the big question is how to get the steering jacks out of the vehicle without taking the engine out. As you can see from the photo it is getting the taper on the ball joint to release from the steering strut it is secured to.
  13. Hi Greg and welcome to the forum You can't have too many ferrets just ask Tony:cool2:
  14. Hi and welcome Get a Ferret great fun and you can keep all your clothes on and wallet emptyhttp://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/images/smilies/cool2.gif Shane
  15. M6LAP working out of a FFR on Clansman 351/2 353 and 320 Shane
  16. Hi Adam and welcome As David said join your local MVT and offer your services as crew at shows that way you will get to meet like minded fools and have the opportunity to a closer look at different green machines. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/images/smilies/cool2.gif Shane:
  17. Hi Paul We go every year but just for the one day and this year it will be the Saturday We get a good size convoy together see attached photo Pig, Ferret, Saracen, Saladin 2 x Land Rovers and escort bike Shane
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