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RAF Austin Mini pictures wanted for project.


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Bit of a long shot but I wondered if any of you guys had any pics of the classic Austin Mini in RAF service? I have been tasked to restore one and would like to get it correct, I have seen a couple of fuzzy images from a google search but its hard to make the details out.





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In addition to the car and van the RAF used the pickup, I understand some had a canvas full hieght tilt , but the ones I saw in Cyprus had a flat canvas cover accross the top of the pickup cargo space; Most were in standard RAF colours and markings but The RAF Provost and Security SIB investigators had black un marked saloons with civvy reg numbers.

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.... Wonder if that explains why I saw my oppo (who I had only seen on and off since basic- I was going in as a A mech A; he as RAFP) getting out of a black Prius, suited and booted (literally booted- Hi-Tec Magnums) at RAF Yeovilton. (With the amount of RAF chaps based there, I refuse to accept the RNs say in it now)

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Hello Jon,


One of the guys at work is a Mini enthusiast and he suggested getting in touch with the London and Surrey Mini Owners' Club. Apparently they are one of the biggest clubs in the country and they often get approached by the Film and TV industry for help and advise from their members.


Good Luck with the project.


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