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  1. It is indeed a postwar version of the classic Queen Mary- nicknamed a Queen Elizabeth, and normally seen behind the Leyland Mastiff. Other tractors were available.
  2. Couple of questions on the nuke convoys... Did the Morris LD fire tenders have any external mods? (The one picture I've got of one only shows the standard front 3/4 view. I assume they were BS381c: 633 tint. What colour were the TCHDs? There's a colour photo of a silver one, but the phot above seems to be much darker, maybe dark green? I believe the fire tenders with those were the HCB/ Bedford TK, later replaced by Volvo FL6s. Finally I believe the TCHD were replaced by that astonishing Foden 8x4/ semi-combination, but when did that immense Foden 8x4 Wrecker come into service?
  3. Ted, They certainly do! I read the RAF Barnham website which led me to the journal. I've also picked up a few others on different subjects too. So it sounds as if the Geilen beast may have been a workshop trailer, which the chap put onto a knocker to give him some rather spacious accom. I suppose the marking was a nod towards the trailers history, given that it would have been even more of a nightmare to manoeuvre than the knocker.
  4. Ted, Suspect you may be right- They're listing a Foden 'F20' 3000gal refueller in RAF livery, (which as far as I know wasn't even a civilian refueller) as well as an Abion WD/HD 10 ton GS. Both census numbers are in the middle of batches of other vehicles within the 'AB' range. They've always listed the Nubian TFA 6x6 5 ton GS, which I didn't think got into production, let alone the RAF. Most of the stuff for the nuke convoys came from RAF Historical Society journal 35. Re-reading it the Airship who was reminiscing said that the Pantechnicon trailer could be towed by the Hipp
  5. Just found some info about nuclear weapons convoys- depending on what weapon was being transported, they would either be Scammell Explorer Recovery's towing a huge, enclosed and air-conditioned 2 axle trailer. Or specially modified Leyland Hippos 19H's. So if you have a Explorer that was based at 94MU RAF Barham, or 92MU RAF Faldingworth, then chances are they took part in nuclear convoys! No mention of any Militants....
  6. Considering my original question it might be worth summarising what there is. We have the following evidence for the possibility of the RAF operating Mk1 Militants:- Source: British Military Trucks of the Cold War by Les Freathy A FV designator (FV11022) for 'Truck, 10 ton, Heavy Duty Cargo, RAF, 6x6, AEC' Given that the RAF seemed to prefer vacuum braking, it is feasible that there would be a variant for the RAF. Source: VRNRAF Document by Unknown A series of census numbers (00AJ23-98) for 'AEC, 10 ton, 6x6, Signals Truck' As far as I'm
  7. I've found 57 RAF registrations for Explorers, including one transferred from the army, and a similar amount of Pioneers in the VRNRAF document. So given that some Pioneers would have been replaced by I should be surprised if there were a few dotted about. It makes sense for examples to be based at MDA's (Master Diversion Airfields) and MEDA's (Master Emergency Diversion Airfields) like Kinross, for runway clearance. The other issue this doc has thrown up is: '00AJ23 to 00AJ98: AEC 10 ton 6x6 Signals Truck' And thanks to Radiomike7 for clearing up the Mandator/ Mam
  8. Hi Ted, You came up trumps again! I managed to get hold of a BW Models 'Milly 3' on the off chance one of my oppo's was correct- he was certain that there was a knackered Milly 3 recovery around the back of MT when he was in Gut (1985-ish). I think they must have had Crusader recoverys in the UK too. The mobile radar units certainly had Crusader Tractors. Also interesting in that phot is the Explorer, I thought the RAF only had them in the middle-east, still another colour scheme I can add to the list. The Militant Mk1 Ops Caravan I mentioned was a pres
  9. A question for those in the know.... Did the RAF ever have any AEC militants on strength? I ask because wandering through the AEC Militant thread I noticed a restored 'knocker'(?) Ops Caravan with 'RAF Geil'n' (RAF Geilenkirchen) on the front. The marking is absolutely correct for a vehicle, in RAFG (Or 2TAF, BAFO etc.), and based at that station, from the end of WW2 to, roughly, the 60's... Aand, there is a FV reference (FV11022) for a 'Truck, 10ton, Heavy Duty, Cargo, RAF, 6x6, AEC'...... I know the RAF had a number (IIRC, 50) of HP aircraft refuellers, and
  10. Hi Larry, That is indeed my Jeep, ACR. You can also see it on the Airfix Tribute Forum too. Although I don't generally post on that forum anymore. And indeed Photobucket tried the 'let us fleece you....' Routine with me, too. So I dumped them, and deleted my account and all data. I now use my onedrive (which has the huge benefit of being free, as well as a serious amount of storage) Microsoft don't demand any licences, don't insist they have copyright, or anything else really...
  11. I think you might find that 'Type 123A' Humbers may have had something to do with Bletchley Park and 'Enigma'. MI6 kept control of the 'Enigma' intelligence traffic, even to the point of attaching operators to military commands. As a general rule, only army group commanders (and RAF Command, well, commanders) had access to the full picture... Lower down had increasingly more limited access. The operators had their own vehicles, which were managed by the RAF- the operators also held RAF ranks, commensurate with their position. From my detailed exploration of the garages at Bletchle
  12. .... Wonder if that explains why I saw my oppo (who I had only seen on and off since basic- I was going in as a A mech A; he as RAFP) getting out of a black Prius, suited and booted (literally booted- Hi-Tec Magnums) at RAF Yeovilton. (With the amount of RAF chaps based there, I refuse to accept the RNs say in it now)
  13. The J60 was also fitted to some 'R' series Dennis fire appliances- Not a great success according to my old dad- said they accelerated well, just couldn't keep it going- Not surprising really, 16t full-up fire engine being a somewhat different kettle of fish...
  14. Hi Paul_bish I'm on ATF and Milmod at mo.... Only returned to modelling a year or so, so still exploring, s'funny, in the 15 years I've been away from modelling- it has changed enormously, largely driven by the t'internet I guess.
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