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Army cars holland collection

Niels v

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OOh I want to go to Overloon again! Especially in the same company. :D


Mmmm we went to Overloon this year. Got accused of stealing something.

After they emptied my bag and I emptied my pockets, and of course found nothing I insisted that they made a loud public apology....which they did. They also gave us a meal in the cafe free of charge.

This all came about because another member of public saw one of our group putting something in their pocket. They did...it was his phone he had taken 4/5 pictures of a M37 radio truck........sticky beak comes to mind. All in all it left a poor taste in my mouth.

I must admit to being impressed with the collection though.

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Probably because I don't have that much of a interest in WW2 (more in post WW2) I was not very impressed by the choice of Overloon to sell a lot of their post WW2 exhibits.. It means that there are no real museums with cold war stuff from both sides of the wall.. But if you are into WW2, sure they have some nice stuff..

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Sorry had forgotten to reply, there are a number of bunker and occupation museums in Denmark mostly in Jutland, but non are vehicle related. There is a

privat museum call gilleleje gruppen, which has a collection of mostly German stuff, i made a thread about their 251 half track here on hmvf, it can be view by appointment.

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