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Ferret Bevel Box Seal needed


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Can anyone tell me where I can get a Bevel Box bell housing seal. Their must be an equivalent seal somewhere, or someone must know where I can get some.


Thanks, OZITIM


Hi Tim,

If you mean the large seal on the bevel box that seals against the spherical challis, then first person I would try would be Richard Banister in UK. He is my one-stop supplier of Ferret parts! There will be no equivalent as this is a one-off part for the Ferret as it is made solely as a spherical face seal.


Incidentally, saw you on Combat Dealers last week with Bruce Crompton, very good.


regards, Richard

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Thanks Richard,


I will send him an email now. I thought I had asked him alread, but trolling through my emails, everything but.


Its only a matter of time before I start taking work off of Brad Pitt.


Regards, Tim

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