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  1. I’m going to try putting electronic ignition in it and see what happens, but wish I could work this out before I start messing with it any further
  2. Ok, I took the distributor out and rotated it 180 degrees hoping that that might make some difference. I pulled the distributor out inspected it. All looks good, put it back in, again no spark. Still power at the points and still sparks when a screwdriver is placed in the gap, but no spark when cranking. Every part of the system has been replaced. It’s got me stumped.
  3. I’m thinking of pulling out the points and condenser and putting in electronic ignition to see if that will make a difference
  4. Yes, it seems fine. I also ran a wire, direct from the battery to the positive on the coil, in an effort to bypass any wires, and this did not rectify the problem. So, I’m still at a loss. The fact that it was running, and then stopped is a mystery. That said, the vehicle has sat idle for at least 20 years.
  5. I have power to the points. When I put a screw driver between the points it will spark. When I turn the key, power is going to the points, however no spark. If I crank the engine, and at the same time, put a screw driver between the points it will spark, but by itself..... no spark. It’s sending me crazy. Particularly when I had it running fine. I have now replaced the coil, ignition switch, points, condenser. As a positive, I’ve almost stripped all of the old paint off. Replaced all of the suspension rubbers and steering damper. New fuel pump, water pump, recond brake and clutch mast
  6. Below is where I think the ballast was originally mounted. By the look of the ignition, this ignition requires a ballast. So, either, their is a ballast relocated somewhere, or the ignition coil, despite it saying it requires a ballast, isn’t a ballast dependent coil, and the coil is no good. Thoughts? Can I just put a coil on it that doesn’t require a ballast and see what happens?
  7. These don’t really help. I think I found where the mounting holes were for the ballast next to where the coil was mounted, but there is no ballast there now. I was getting spark and it was running two weeks ago, but no spark when I kick over the starter.
  8. Thanks potless, would love to see a pic, if at all possible. I will play hide and seek with it again tomorrow and see if I can find it.
  9. Oh, it’s a 12 volt system. I looked at the wiring diagram for 12 volt and it has a ballast resister
  10. I had another search today, but could not find the ballast resister. I’ve replaced the points, condenser, and coil. I still have power to the points and will spark when I put the screw driver between the gap, with the ignition on. But once I turn the starter motor, no spark. I’m going to have to follow the two white wires that are on the positive terminal on the coil to behind the dash and try and work out what the hell is going on. Unless someone can give some sort of indication where the ballast resister is on an ambulance model.
  11. On the positive side, the tires still hold air. If it was in Australia, I wouldn’t hesitate, I would but tgat for that price. It’s a complete Resto, but I’ve done a Saracen and a ferret before, with a lot less.
  12. Does anyone know about any stalwarts in any condition in Australia that might be for sale?
  13. I checked inside the filter box. Absolutely not there. Maybe the ambulance variant is different. The wire to the distributor (off the coil) runs off the negative. Two wires are attached to the positive, both of which run back to behind the dash. One of theses wires is positive from the ignition, the other one doesn’t have any positive or negative and doesn’t appear to go anywhere, once it Trail’s back to the birds nest behind the dash. And their isn’t a ballast resister that’s I can see behind there. So I have no idea what’s going on. Should this random wire be connected to the ballast
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