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I know this subject has been touched on many times , but thought it would be quicker asking , do I need any paperwork for a replica M1 , It has been in the garage 30 years ,and cant be made to fire .............(ally barrel I think ), looks the part in the holder .......

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If it is a genuine replica NOT a deactivated weapon, I wouldn't think paperwork is needed, replica firearms sold today do not come with certificates, at least the ones I have bought new didn't anyway. A deactivated weapon should have the relevant certificates which you should carry with you if attending shows with the weapon on display. I have several replica weapons on my Jeep NONE have certificates, I bought them new and they never had any when purchased.

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Short answer is No.


ONLY when you come to sell it. The current Law demands that the purchaser must have a 'Defence in Law' to buy it.

IE: Be a member of a Re-Enactment group, A Member of HM.Armed Forces, Or a representative of a Theatrical Agency for stage/ film work.


There is a little more to it, but that is the salient points you need to be aware of.


You require NO paperwork to hold this replica as your own property.

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