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Chevrolet C60s


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Well its been a enjoyable restoration, and if I say so my self the truck has turned out pretty nice. Just waiting on the canvas, and its just about there. The customer seems to be pleased as punch and to me that is very important, and of course its another part of History saved for generations to admire. A few pics of the truck taken today in the meadow. Hope you have all enjoyed the blog as much as I have restoring the chevrolet. Howard





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You know, daft though it may seem, I'd think the canvas would spoil it. She's looking like she is there ready to work. :D


I know exactly what you mean Tony, we took the canvas off my sons C30 11 cab at the weekend ready for a bit of an overhaul and we thought exactly the same thing.



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Well its been a bit of a while but I finally got around to getting the canvas sheet finished and fitted along with the door tops. The truck is due to be delivered in the next couple of weeks. The customer is very pleased. Its been a very enjoyable restoration. Heres a few pics.





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