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AEC Y Type restored

Seb Marshall

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Hi Guys, many thanks for your kind words.

Finished off a few little jobs, so now running very well and keen to get it out.

It will be on display at Brooklands in the London Bus Museum, within the next week,

as it is one of the Lorry buses that worked the streets of London when it came back

from War. It is planed that the transformation will happen around that anniversary,

sometime in late 2018.

Will keep you posted on events we're going to.


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Hi Robert,


Many thanks for that.

Obviously notable differences in bodywork but interesting to note that the inlet manifold

is of a completely different design. All the ones over here have bronze castings with a slight

Y shape to them as per original pic, spare parts cat. etc... Is that one a possible different design

for southern hemisphere or just something someone has made up in the past for some reason?



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Actually all the castings are different. look at the water manifold on top of the engine and the shape of the webs on the crankcase for example. Were these engines made under license by other makers to boost capacity ?



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I assume these are diagrams of the JB4. How do these compare?

My Leyland experience suggests that an early design, say 1912 S3 design, was still manufactured to the same basic design, but with the odd modification, until well into the mid twenties. Has that happened here?




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