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  1. Hi Roger, I’ll support Tomo’s colour, a lot of work went into getting the match right and it is very good. We’re currently using it on a couple of projects. Regards Seb
  2. Hi Andrew, The engine in the complete one is a AEC 5 type. Effectively it is just the revamped Y type and hence next model on. AEC ltd is common on Y type radiators it would be more unusual if it had an alternative. It looks like the radiator is aluminium? This would make it post war as the military ones were cast iron. Lovely find! Seb
  3. Hi Gents, This is a AEC Y type, pressed steel chassis version. Seb
  4. We had a successful run up country, approx 60 miles, in the nice warm weather on Saturday in anticipation of what promises to be a great day out at Shuttleworth & a rather large WW1 gathering this coming Sunday. Just leaving a 20 mile run over on the morning.
  5. Hi Robert, Many thanks for that. Obviously notable differences in bodywork but interesting to note that the inlet manifold is of a completely different design. All the ones over here have bronze castings with a slight Y shape to them as per original pic, spare parts cat. etc... Is that one a possible different design for southern hemisphere or just something someone has made up in the past for some reason? Seb
  6. Hi Robert Do you have any pics of the Y in Darwin? Not one we know of. Seb
  7. Hi Guys, many thanks for your kind words. Finished off a few little jobs, so now running very well and keen to get it out. It will be on display at Brooklands in the London Bus Museum, within the next week, as it is one of the Lorry buses that worked the streets of London when it came back from War. It is planed that the transformation will happen around that anniversary, sometime in late 2018. Will keep you posted on events we're going to. Seb
  8. I thought you'd all like to see our latest completed restoration. This is now the oldest preserved AEC Y Type to date, 1917. It also had a visit from a friend
  9. A bit of healthy competition! Always a good thing.
  10. Hey glad to see progress is being made again! Good luck!
  11. It does have gears in it, I believe you are thinking of the chain boxes which were indeed fitted to the B type bus and subsequently fitted to the following K,S & NS models.
  12. This is a gearbox from an AEC Y type. I see there is a hole in the filler cap, does this mean that the water has got in & damaged the gears?
  13. Hi Guys, Follow the link below to the auction of Michael Banfield's estate. http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22201/ Some great stuff here - about half a dozen 1st war lorries - some needing total restoration! all the best, Seb
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