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RAF dingo


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Did the RAF use the mk 11 dingo? If so in what capacity? Any info would be very helpful.


Hi Martin,

I have never seen or heard of the RAF having the Daimler Dingo in service. I think they used mainly Humber light recce vehicles for airfield defence, etc.

You will have to get an army battledress for this one!!


cheers Richard

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Hi Lads the RAF Regt did use Dingo; Post WW1 the policing of Palestine , Transjordan and Iraq became an RAF responsibility. In January 1922 6 Armoured Car Companies were formed with RR Arm Cars to form the ground element of an Air - Ground RAF force. These were No 1 - 6 ACC. No 3 -6 subsequently disbanded in 1925 and 1 & 2 ACC continued to serve over that region until 1948 when they were absorbed into the RAF Regt.

In that region they used RR arm cars, ( some later remounted in Cairo onto Fordson chassis), Humber LRC, Humber Arm Car Mk 1 & 1V, Crossley arm car, Otter LRC and in small numbers Staghound, Foxhound, AEC , Daimler and Marmom -H Arm Cars.

Totally separately the fledgling RAF Regt were equipped with wheeled AFVs for aerodrome defence in the UK and in Italy. These duties soon expanded beyond aerodrome defence and they operated into Greece and several other countries. Of course 2TAF had a large RAF Regt element which served with distinction post D Day in France through to the Elbe.

Whilst their most numerous kit was the Humber LRC, they also used the Morris and Otter LRCs plus other types in smaller numbers. I have at least one picture in my collection of a Dingo in service which I will endeavour to post here. The Vickers Light Tank is contained in the RAF data book but I cannot find out who used it ?

Find attached picture which is IWM copyright. Note 2866 was a Rifle sqn not an armoured car sqn, so the Dingo would have been their recce vehicle- I think



No 2866 Sqn RAF REGT.jpg

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You will properly find the RAF took the rather vulgar metal locker off the front to instal a mahogany drinks cabinet. The Bren gun is also removed and a soda syphon installed in its place.


Martin, you seem to have an intimate knowledge of the RAF and their ways ............;):)

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