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WW1 British Ammunition Bandolier ?



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A lot of leather webbing was produced in 1914/15 to equip the new Kitchener armies as there was a shortage of cotton webbing. This was due to the cotton webbing being a commercial design and could only be woven on one set of looms, those of the Mills Eqipment company. The leather 1914 pattern leather was made in UK and scourced from US. It was not intended for front line use originally. The webbing be came looked on as a mark of Caine and was dumped for 08 pattern at the first oppertunity. Unfortunatley there are also a lot of copies about.

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That's the 1903 Pattern 50-round bandolier, Mark II, I believe (although I'd need to see the buckle to be absolutely certain).


Without any stamps, I think it is virtually impossible to determine a date, however - apart from buckle differences between the Mk. I & Mk. II versions (as detailed on the Karkee Web site), the design remained unchanged throughout its production, which continued until the early 1940s in South Africa.


On leather equipment of the period, if there are any markings, they're often quite feint, though, so it might be worth having another look (I use a magnifying glass & a bright light source shone along the surface, rather than directly down on it - that way the tiniest of shadows of any stamping usually become visible). The most likely places are towards the ends of the bandolier - mine is stamped '1915' & 'HGR LD' (which is Hepburn, Gale & Ross Ltd., Grange Mills, Grange Road, Bermondsey, London, SE1), signifying original manufacturer & date, but also bears 'SAP' & '4 28' stamps, likely indicating post-WWI use by the South African Police.





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