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  1. Hi Rootes75 have sent you a PM Jonny Garwood
  2. Hi Phil The springs are getting there ! just a touch up on the rebound clips then paint the complete assemblies. We will probably fit the main assembly first 14 leafs then the helper spring 4 leafs as they are so heavy when all 18 leafs are bolted together. Thanks for getting the wire wheels so quickly
  3. Hi Alan, Thanks for the advice, at some point we will be removing the tyres from the rims so as to have the rims sandblasted so when we reassemble them we will make sure they are inflated inside a cage. We think doing all that work on the springs will make a difference, as you know the rear springs are exposed to the elements and rust built up between the leaves where as the front springs sit under the cab and keep fairly dry although we did strip these and thoroughly cleaned them.
  4. Hi Phil, Yes the wire wheels worked great . It takes ages cleaning parts this way especially the hard to get places, luckily I didnt have this Job !
  5. Hello Sir, Don't know about that Phil, She's coming together slowly. We were worried about sandblasting the gearbox, steering box and transfercase incase the sand damaged the oilseals or sand got inside any of the casings, so thats why we used the wire wheel which seems to take forever ! Hopefully all the primered parts will be olive drab by Sunday.
  6. Hi Joes Motor Pool sell single body sockets and side markerlights
  7. Hi Phil, I used patio cleaner in the end to clean the washers, there was about 80 altogether. once they had been soaked for a couple of hours I just washed them in water then used a wire brush then primered them. Waiting on sleeving for the airlines at the moment which I hope will arrive this week.
  8. Hi Chris, I know you will probably prefer to make your own rear armour but as far as I know BAIV.nl make a rear section in 1/4 plate for an M16, I know it is expensive but from what I can see its made up of 14 pieces of steel. Hope this is of some help.
  9. Really enjoying this restoration Chris, keep the photos coming !
  10. Well done Sam, great restoration and what fantastic skills you have ! Cant wait to see her at shows next year.
  11. Hi Pete I will check the paint colour/ shade with the other prop flanges next time Regards Jonny Garwood
  12. Hi Is there much left of the airfield ? Regards Jonny Garwood
  13. Hi, when you said your 43MB was photographed at Fersfield I must admit I had never heard of the place so I googled its airfield history also looking on a map I couldn't believe how close it is to Thorpe Abbotts, Eye and Tibenham, having driven past Thorpe Abbotts many times. Its nice you have history with your jeep. Regards Jonny Garwood
  14. Nice jeep, where was the photo taken ?
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