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  1. selling my lovely 1941 Morris PU project, i've very nearly finished her but another project forces a quick sale. its been a chassis up restoration, every nut & bolt changed and restored through out to very high quality. engine overhauled and runs things left to finish are wiring, exhaust, minor body parts need fitting. registering and enjoying............. give me a ring 07887473485 or drop me an email asking price £15,000
  2. The word is 'possible' it's far from easy, apart from all the obvious ancillary needs, fuel, coolant tanks etc it can't be run without a propellor or large 'flywheel' Running one of these is not for the faint hearted! But great fun and very rewarding. Jules
  3. https://www.brightwells.com/classic-motoring/bicester-classic-vintage/bicester-classic-vintage-october-2017/catalogue-25th-october/
  4. Hi Jon I have restored two of these ! good luck regards Jules
  5. Peter If you want a steering wheel I have a good Humber one, plus other Humber bits (Sorry for hijacking your Morris thread Mike!) Jules
  6. Good to see you are still pushing on Mike, though I envy your weather, it's too bloody cold here to venture into the w/shop! Keep up with the the postings, it's good to see. Hopefully next month I will get my inspiration back to push on with the PU. Cheers Jules
  7. Hi Just ventured into the workshop and can tell you it is 1/2 inch or 12mm thick Sorry about the orientation
  8. Yes, the same Tom, or you could be really really helpful and knock up 3 sets for us!
  9. Sadly I have no side panels, for this CS8 or my PU project which has the same engine and layout. I'm going to have to manufacture two sets! Jules
  10. my 1940 CS8 has a tin foot well, wooden planks up to it then thin tin with the well inside it.
  11. Ian if your looking for a new Shot blasting company, i discovered we have one based at Bicester Heritage, who seem very helpful. Jules
  12. Very nice Guy my next job after the cab is the front mud guards, i think mine are slightly worse than yours were ! cheers Jules
  13. Really good progress Guy, and looking great, I think your beating me as I am only trial fitting the cab, but I might catch you up on the rear body ! Well done great job Jules
  14. Guy, I have got those brackets on the back of my PU cab, I wondered what they were for too, thank you, now I know !
  15. Lovely job Ian, well done mate, I'll look forward to parking up beside you ! Would be interesting to compare the drive between your Box and my PU.............. Jules
  16. Fantastic work Guy, very much the same as my PU and CS8............ Trevor, the reason is that the mounting post protrudes through is that there was the scope to mount a thin rod and ball on it sometimes painted red or white, to help the driver see where the wing was, as vision is very poor, this is also the reason that in most cases the passenger wings are damaged. Jules
  17. Hi Tailgunner Looks like you have made good progress so far, not easy to find turret cupolas, though back in the 1980's we recovered about 6 Lancaster mid upper turret cupolas in Oxfordshire being used as garden clotches ! We swapped them for various other aeroplane parts at the time........ Sorry I can't help with anything else, but good luck. Jules
  18. Here you go Ian. Holman Engineering Co. Ltd Unit 6, Kings Road Works Kings Road New Haw Addlestone Surrey KT15 3BG Tel : 01932 353555 Fax : 01932 353666 email : precision@holman-engineering.co.uk web : http://www.holman-engineering.co.uk
  19. Ian I have used Holman engineering who rebuilt my Humber pump. Jules
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