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Interesting device for old vehicle nuts (literally)


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That looks very impressive Andy. But I couldn't see anything about the basic power source. In one picture you can just see a cable folded down out of view. The video doesn't show us that end of the gadget, to presumably enhance the magic effect, but you can see power distribution panel to the left of the work bench with a cable coming from it.


I don't see why they are so secretive about not mentioning the power source. But being but for the US market I assume it must be 115v. Andy is your friend in the UK, how did he manage the power source?

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My friend is in Colchester, which interestingly is where the UK distributor seems to be.


One picture shows a plug-in power supply.


It is interesting how the US price of $369.99 (£232) becomes £395 on the UK web site, then £495 when added to the cart, then £594 when VAT is added.

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I would have thought that that would only need an ordinary mains input. The HF inverter will be in the handle piece.


Quite apart from its intended purpose I would think that it would be great for heating smallish rivits, say up to 1/2" dia when hot riviting.


If anyone finds a UK market equivilent I would certainly be interested.




Andy types a bit quicker than me! The £594 is certainly going to limit their market I think. This is a very simple device and really ought to retail at about £200 !

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You can purchase these in the Uk, look on ebay they come under an induction heater, both Sykes and Snap-On make good quality ones.

We have a pal locally who purchased one , I am forever borrowing it now ,a marvellous piece of kit, and much safer than the old gas torch!!

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Would the smallest coil fit a coffee mug?:cool2:


Proably vapourise it! :shocked: I knew an old electrician used to claim he made his tea by knocking two nails through a bit of wood wiring it to the mains and dropping it into the cup. Never had the nerve to ask for a demo though.

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Sounds like an interesting, versatile tool.


I have an old Radyne bought for £250 a decade ago, which is used to selectively induction heat, hardened drive chain pins of about 1" diameter.

This unit heats and softens the ends of the pins, to allow the ends to be riveted during assembly without loosing the previously hardened load bearing portion in between.


It looks like they have now condensed the electrics considerably, our machine has an electrical cabinet of about 2 meter cube fitted with a water cooled triode valve.


This thread has got me thinking about using it for re-riveting an old chassis!



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