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  1. Will try to make it up but can't guarantee anything. If I don't make it. Have fun!
  2. Personally, I'd say if the choice was taking an classic off the road or converting it to electric. I would choose electric. Same for restoring a vehicle that would have gone to the scrapyard or become a donor.
  3. I bought this beasty a couple of years ago. Using Google translate I was able to determine the instructions but I have not been able to find out much (anything) useful about it. Does anyone know what it is and what it was typically used for (Nope "It's a generator" and "The army" don't count )
  4. Hope you make a full recovery and get back to overlanding. Is the vehicle and trailer fixable?
  5. Definitely amazing photos. The captions are a bit off. But yes to the photographs.
  6. If you can get the resources, I'd say restore / rebuild it to an empty carcass then see if it can be added to over time to bring it to some version of life.
  7. Great to see the old girl being saved
  8. Toner


    I remember this on TV.
  9. It was done by Tanks-A-Lot in the UK (Or at least that is the earliest pictures I could find of it) So you're off the hook for this one. This time The poor thing has been up and down the UK each owner usually trying to get rid of it within a couple of months of purchase.
  10. I have to admit, this would have been fun to be able to do nowadays.
  11. If memory serves, it is as sirhc says, a drawing number. You should find each plate has a small stamping. I noticed them most often on the floor plates.
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