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  1. It was done by Tanks-A-Lot in the UK (Or at least that is the earliest pictures I could find of it) So you're off the hook for this one. This time The poor thing has been up and down the UK each owner usually trying to get rid of it within a couple of months of purchase.
  2. I have to admit, this would have been fun to be able to do nowadays.
  3. If memory serves, it is as sirhc says, a drawing number. You should find each plate has a small stamping. I noticed them most often on the floor plates.
  4. The steady plates for my ferret were put in a safe place last year, so safe in fact, I have no idea where they are! I'm looking for any for sale or failing that, does anyone have the plans so I can make replacements?
  5. Fantastic work on your ferret. Would you be able to make a replacement lid if you got the dimensions ?
  6. Toner


  7. If you pull it back up, does it flop back down? If you can't see any broken or seized joints, it would be worth taking the tin work off to get to the GCP lever on the top left of the gearbox (As viewed standing behind the ferret, looking forward) Check the joints there. If no joy, try disconnecting the linkage from the bit attached to the gearbox and manipulating the gear change lever directly on the box. (This is what I ended up doing)
  8. Hi Mark, where are you from and do you have pictures of your vehicles?
  9. It's good to see someone doing them. I wish them every success.
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