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Drivers 'not adequately warned' over end of tax discs


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I would have to agree that a lot of people even car dealers did not know of some of this as came up in a conversation whilst I was over last trip https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/drivers-not-adequately-warned-over-011241813.html


“Anyone buying a new car will no longer be able to benefit if there are months left on a car’s tax disc as their tax will no longer be transferred with the car, so buyers will need to renew their disc straightaway or risk facing a fine.”Paul Watters, head of roads policy at the AA, said: “Vast numbers of people could be hit, as many car sales involve someone saying ‘I’ve put tax on the car for you’.

“That this will no longer be possible has not been well-communicated at all.” Under the new rules, car sellers must tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) immediately of the change of ownership, and the new owner must register to pay tax before driving the car away.

It stuck in my head when I was reading it in the UK as most people sell a vehicle with 12months roadtax.


oops forgot that the start date is 1st of October

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It's been all over the newspapers and assorted news websites, so I'm not really sure what else the AA was expecting? I understand it will also be on the renewal reminders. Once the paper tax discs vanish there won't be a temptation to look at the date anyway.



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It doesn't surprise me - I've seen no official publicity over the end of tax discs and only knew it was happening through discussion on various forums, so that they haven't made people aware of the details isn't a shock.


It's been all over the newspapers and assorted news websites, so I'm not really sure what else the AA was expecting? Andy


There's been comment very recently, but it's all been very light on any details - such as the expiry of tax on change of ownership.


Suspect there will be a lot of upset about the need to re-tax when buying a car - 'stealth tax' etc.

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Absolutley! They have finally flipped. Though what will be the situation on Historic Tax and MOT exempt vehicles? Knowing how they cheerfully *&^% up the VL5 changes at the moment just think DVLA or what ever acrnym will be now have the whole Electronic world to play with.

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Just tied DVLA on historic. Got a pre paid reply. Though this might be useful


If the taxation class is not already shown as 'Historic Vehicle' on the V5C for your vehicle, you will be able to change your taxation class at the point of relicensing at the Post Office®. The V5C must show a date of registration prior to the 01.01.1974. If this is not recorded on the V5C and the vehicle was manufactured prior to this date you will need to produce dating evidence and apply by post to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DZ.


Acceptable dating evidence can be obtained from:

• An extract from the manufacturer/factory record - these will have the chassis number of the vehicle against the month and year of production*

• An extract from the 'Glasses guide'- which is a comprehensive guide on production dates and includes chassis numbers

• If the vehicle has been imported and already registered, the original foreign registration certificate.


*A certified copy of the factory record (with the embedded stamp) will be acceptable only from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (BMIHT)


The keeper will need to write ‘Historic’ in the change to taxation class field in section 7 of the V5C and sign section 8.


If the application is successful, you will receive your tax disc within 2 weeks.


An updated V5C will be returned within 4 weeks. If a V62 form is submitted a V5C will be returned within 6 weeks.

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looking at most polish cars that i see on the streets of the uk i wonder how they could be legal any where.


Ah, so that is where all the crashed cars they used to import from Germany went, we buy new cars now. It's getting rare to see a Polonez on the road these days, or one of my beloved Zuk vans.



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I am guessing that there will be a lot of buying and selling of cars around the very end of one month and the start of the next to avoid the stealth tax..... So Doovla will not need so many staff for most of the month and will be overwhelmed at the change of month. (this is assuming that they still propose to refund and sell new tax based on the complete month principal so both buyer and seller pay for the changeover month).

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As the DVAL does not hold details of other countries' registrations how will the cameras/police cars be able to check the taxation details of cars from the rest of the EU? There are dozens of eastern European cars in my area, and currently none have bothered with tax discs (illegal if the owner is working or resident in UK). :shocked: Not only are they not paying the road tax - but that makes any insurance invalid. How than these cars be checked? How can the owners' addresses be checked?


If anyone is in a position to know I would love to hear from them.:)

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