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Diamond T 969 wrecker bed tool lockers

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I am starting to gather the tools that go in the lockers located on the bed. The ™ list what goes in each box but not how they are placed in each box. After some fiddling around with the ground anchors, I settled on way that they "fit" nicely.

Pictures attached showing progress. I have the gas welding equipment, but I have not placed it the locker yet except for the hoses.


John G




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Progress update. I am now gathering all the bits "tools" for the welding kit. Files, ignitors, torches, tips, gloves, goggles, regulators etc. I will be placing them in the toolbox pictured and will use a similar toolbox for a place to put a small mechanics set in. Additionally, the lamp pictured (there will be 2) will go in the box. Thanks to Sam in Australia for lead on the make and model on that, it is real close to the original ones.


John G






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Hi John,

Many of these tools are ones I associate with the Heavy Wrecker trucks.

But, apparently, the likes of the ground anchors and lanterns were on the 969 as well.

Hmm, I still have lots to learn.

You can occasionally pick up a period set of bolt cutters through ebay.

There are different sizes that show up.


Hmmm, I need to talk to you about welding tools and ground anchors!


I'll catch you when you are able.


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I was fortunate in that the the ground anchors,spikes and tow bar clamps and axle clamps were with the truck when I bought it. I had the stakes powder coated black. The chains I got off of ebay, the shipping was as much as the chain itself. The V bar came from Tony (same place yours came from). The majority of the welding stuff was from ebay and some hand tools and the files came from Kevin Kronlund.




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