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  1. Chassis number fits into sequence for 88AM13 to 88AM60. B card confirms registration number as 88AM49 entered service 1978 and sold off 1983. Im hoping RAF museum records will fill in the gap
  2. This one was in service from 1978 to 1983. Don’t have any other detail yet though
  3. If I come across a Larkspur box I’ll fit it, the Clansman can stay for now as it help to know where the wing ends. We have some very narrow roads over here 🙂
  4. It’s RAF registration was 88AM49. I have contacted the RAF museum but apart from a we will get back to you reply I haven’t heard any more so far. The main question, however, was when did the yellow stripe stop being used or do they still use it.🙂
  5. I recently purchased this LR, it’s been camo painted and I am leaving it that way for a year or so. Originally being ex RAF it would have been plain green with a yellow stripe, does anyone know when the yellow stripe was discontinued or is it still in use?
  6. I’m not in U.K., Channel Islands are part of British Isles and our laws are very different. Basically the Land Rover was purchased from one of the military vehicle auctions back in 2011, unfortunately the current owner appears to have lost the bill of sale, also when he purchased it he had it shipped to Jersey CI and left it in a field for 9 years while he decided what to do with it. It now needs a full brake overhaul, engine is not running well and most rubber bits are perished. Bodywork and chassis appear ok apart from surface rust which should hopefully clean up. Jersey regulations specify that the vehicle must be in a clean and roadworthy condition when presented to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Dept for inspection prior to it being allowed on the road. If previously registered it can be driven from A to B for purposes of repair, this one is unregistered so it needs to be towed/low loaded everywhere. Also without the original bill of sale it is not possible to pay the import duty to Customs and without the receipt for this the vehicle cannot be registered.
  7. Excellent, thank you very much. It’s an impressive looking beast but needs a fair bit of work to get it registered. Not sure what I’m going to do yet
  8. The MED (HS) & W/EEGR Im assuming MED is medium
  9. I’ve been offered the above Landy, found it on Merlin but some of the info isn’t translating in my brain! Can anyone let me know what it means please.
  10. Would you be able to post on here if you see one come up for disposal. A poor one is better than non. Depending on costs of course
  11. I can’t find much information on staff cars. Is there any publication or website that lists what vehicles were adopted as official transport for officers and the like WW1 and WW2 ones are fairly well documented but I’m interested in the 1950 onwards. back in the 1990’s we had some visiting generals in the Island and they were using metallic red Rover 800’s with red plates with stars on the bumpers. What was used in the 1950’s to 1980’s?
  12. I haven’t sourced anything yet, will need to find something over the next year or so.
  13. 25HG66 - Can-Am Bombardier Mk2 250cc
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