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howard wade

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I spoke to Howards wife Sharon today, and she said that Howard's condition has improved to the point of complaining about hospital food, so he must be getting better! I passed on everybody's best wishes, for which she asked me to thank everyone.



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Hi I visited Howard this afternoon and gave him a shot of Olive Drab and he was chatting and having a bit of a laugh, still a bit weak but hoping to come out of Hospital tomorrow if the Drs allow. He sends thanks to those people on the forum who have passed on there good wishes.


Dave in Diss

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Good Morning to all you olive drab Lovers, firstly a Big, Big, thank you for all of your get well wishes, I came out of Hospital this morning, after a nasty dose of double pneumonia,but I am glad to say the Hospital did wonders, even though at one point I was told it had been touch and go.I have been told that I have to keep my feet up and take lots of rest. This is going to be hard for me but health comes first so I am just going to have to do it. Thanks again to all my friends on here for your support.


Regards Howard.

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