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Miltracks at Overloon, Netherlands May 2024

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Who has been to Miltracks in the Netherlands? Is anyone going from the UK

Is it easy to get to and by what means. I wont be driving in a Lwt Land rover and my car is needed by my other half.

Fly in and rent a car is one idea, but where to stay for two adults is also something I need to research. I guess there are Premier Inn equivalents to use in the area.

If I am not driving from the UK I would discount the camping option, unless we travel really light, without all the comforts of living out of the back of a Lwt. 

Thanks in advance

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Having a car is a good idea. There is a motorway (A73)s nearby but with public transport may be a bit less than ideal.

Be there early in the mornoing, it gets busy, especially to park a car.

Eindhoven airport is probably best if you can get a flight to there. Amsterdam/Schiphol is a lot further away and I assume busyer (sp?).

Camping or hotel may be a option, or maybe a bed and breakfast?

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