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Hello to fellow enthusiasts from the middle part of the USA


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Hello All,


James here from the middle part of America. My part of the world is beautiful with lush forested hills, quite a few lakes and clear streams. I grew up in a large metropolitan area, but have moved to live in the countryside on a place that’s now been in my family for 4 generations. My family is mostly of English and Scottish extraction. We love music, shooting sports and family gatherings where we tend to nurture all comers with large quantities of fine food. I must confess to never having developed a taste for warm beer (never even been willing to try haggis). However, I have had a passion for militaria since childhood. It seemed so natural that I spent a good bit of time soldiering for real when I became old enough. After college, I chose to make a career as an armed professional in public safety, and that’s become a permanent part of my persona. Married – two awesome children. I collect Lee-Enfield's, still love militaria and also have a passion for history. My favourite reading materials include J.R.R. Tolkien's works, Sir Arthur's Sherlock Holmes stories and the King James Bible.


I have limited experience with MVs. My first MV was an M38A1, and I drove an M1009 CCUV almost daily for years. We had a Cadillac-Gage Ranger at my former agency, and I was the person in charge of it for quite a while. That dratted Ranger was bad to overheat, but was relatively comfortable otherwise - not bad to get in/out of. I spent a LOT of time in the gunner's hatch.:cool2:


My brother and I are wanting to develop in the MV hobby. We are presently considering the purchase of an FV701 Ferret, but are having a bit of difficulty deciding between a Mk1/2 and a Mk2/3. We'd love to find a nice Shorland MkIII, but they seem most elusive. I am presently researching tyre options for the Ferret. We are very interested in British AFVs generally (I'm a bit of an Anglophile) and have found a wealth of information here on HMVF. Some day, I’d love to travel to the UK and visit the lands where my family originated. Thanks to you sincerely for this pleasant place on the www. I am here to learn as much as I can and help where I may.

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Welcome to the forum.


I do know of a British Mk 2/3 Ferret for sale in Ontario, Canada.


The vehicle is not in any way connected to me but I know the owner was selling it earlier this year with lofty ideas of value, I know that as winter nears he may have realised his value is too high.




Robin Craig

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Thats a wonderful and pretty comprehensive introduction, maybe you could post a few photographs of you surrounding countryside, photographs speak volumes. And welcome to the friendly forum, I have visited the States several times, wonderful country, I was never disappointed with the country or the welcome that I received from the people.

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Thanks to all for the warm welcome! I truly appreciate your the congeniality. Thank you for the kind words.


Paul, I used to collect US combat gear from the VN war era, included a fair number of USSF items.

There were a number of SF-qualified instructors that had served in that conflict still in cadre when I was a 'new guy.' In fact, my first platoon sergeant served with MACV. It was an awesome experience to learn from such men. They passed down a few knick-knacks to me in those days - just old guys taking care of a new guy.


Ray, I'll try to post up some photos of the area. I'm not much of a photographer, but I'll see what I can dig up. The changes of season are fairly dramatic here - trees now green and full of foliage will soon change to a myriad of colors. I prefer the Fall and early Spring - thats when I get out into the woods most. Need to read up on posting pics to this forum - my webfu may need some work first.


Robin, Mk2/3 seems to be the most popular. We've looked at several already in the US and are considering a couple already in the process of shipping here from the UK. Pat at KCI is a vendor relatively near to us and has several options in the offing. If you have further information on the vehicle you mentioned, we would certainly put it in the mix.


Best regards to all.;)

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Hi James,

Pat from KCI buys a lot of stuff from our group and knows most of what you will need. The mark of Ferret you get is purely down to preference. The turreted version is more top heavy if you are going off road but viewed by many as looking better. At least it can be locked securely. Tyres can be a problem in which case the MK 1/1 & Mk 1/2 are lighter. I was talking to a guy from Germany who had some great modern off road tyres on his, I will try and find details.

Welcome and have fun.

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Big ray - you asked for some pics of my AO. Here you go. I'd have gotten to it sooner, but its been fairly hot, humid and hazy - not the best time of year, except for being at the lake.


First is a vista of the hills of home, second a bit closer view of my own woods, third is nearby lake.

I could post up a bit more of the streams, meadows or country lanes, but you get the sense of what summer looks like here.





Topdog - I've met with Pat, very pleasant and helpful. Its likely that we will purchase a vehicle through him. He had a Mk1/2 we were most interested in, but it sold before we could get ready to commit. I was disappointed, but we'll keep looking. As to tyres, I'm hopeful to purchase a vehicle that is equipped with decent condition Dunlops. If not, I am looking into other RF options. In perusing a multitude of images online, I've seen an amazing variety of tyre types on Ferrets. Many look good – Trak-grips, however, are my favourite. I expect that most of our driving would be off-road or unpaved roads.


Thanks to all for the cheery welcomes. Glad to be here.


Woodland trail.jpg

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