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An interview with - Dave Marian - Jacques Littlefield Collection.


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Ok, Snapper has been at it again!


Snap has only managed to catch up with Dave Marian who is the engineer for the Jacques Littlefiled. For those who do not know, Jacques is the premier private collector of restored tanks and military vehicles in the world http://www.jacqueslittlefield.com - so you can see why Snap has done good!


Not to sure what Snapper done to pull this off but a big thanks you goes to you Mark for your work on this as I know that it takes up a lot of time and many thanks to Dave Marian for his time too and thank you for keeping world history alive.


We are building a great collection of interviews on HMVF and I hope that everyone find them enjoyable and most of all, usefull!

Who is going to be Snappers next victim...........no one is safe!!


Best wishes.



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you should edit your this thread, the link is dead.


How do we get to Snapper's interview with Dave?




A lot of links & photos were lost in the big forum crash a few years back.. I will see what I can dig up...

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HA! Best museum is the National war and resistance museum in Overloon, Netherlands!


That's if they ever let us back in! :D Though I agree that place is amazing! I'll pipe up for the Jersey Occupation Musuem, small but some excellent pices including two Enigma machines.

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