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  1. Its been pointed out to me that 'chuck them on line' is unfair on the web team, and I agree that this year a lot more proactive effort was put in from the web side for sure... This year was an improvement, but there's more we can do and the feedback I'm getting I'll pass back in the hope it'll make things better. Cheers, Phil
  2. Runflat, I am in the same place as you on this, but the photographers and the web people are different teams so we supply the pix and they sort them out (or not as the case may be) and chuck them on line. It's one thing I and a couple of the other press team members would like to get better managed and this sort of suggestion is music to my ears! Thanks. Phil
  3. Thanks, some good ideas here, keep em coming. BTW I'd love to take a shot of every vehicle on site but with no formal transport for all the press team its impossible to cover all the scheduled events all over the showground and get to every corner of the vehicle fields! It was so much easier with only 2 fields and everything in the arena! Phil
  4. Not that I know of - its frustrating! I think in the old days it did...
  5. Hi all, Just been looking over what we in the W&P photo team have produced this year compared to last year. I dont often hear much comment about the gallery, so I wondered if anyone on here looks at it at all?! If you do, what do you think of it? Too few pics, too many or just right? Too many reenactors? Too many vehicles(!)? Too much stuff you dont know what it is about at all? And is it easy to find what you want, or a bit of a jumble? If you have any comments or constructive criticism PM me or post, so we can try to take them on board for next year. Cheers, Zoomer Phil
  6. Hi all, What can I say but second all the comments before me - what an excellent event. Thank you Jack for letting me tag along to take some pictures and I hope my shots and everyone else's can do your efforts justice. As I wasnt in the convoy I had a number of chances to see the convoy go past and it was - simply - awesome. There was me, all on my lonesome except for singing birds, and then the squeak of tracks and growl of engines would gradually build in the distance and within minutes the calm was shattered as vehicle after vehicle rolled by. My lasting memory will be standing on top of my ladder - for which I must now be famous - at 7pm in the evening by the side of a major road, getting odd looks from passing drivers, but hearing in the distance the sound of heavy armour climbing the hills around me. It was stunning. I wish I'd had a video to record those sounds... Other highlights - the Hellcat nearly got past me before I had my camera ready it was going so bloody fast - and the stopover in Martinstown was a photographic timewarp and took me back 66 years. Bodge's T-shirt duvet story and the sub-zero temperatures will remain with me... and having five star chefs on site was a real bonus. Cheers, Snap, for the use of the tent. I have 100's of pix to sort out and will post on here when I get the chance, but I had to play with a few I saw that I immediately liked while I was downloading them today... on the way to Martinstown, in Martinstown, running back to camp and the 'Adrians Sherman Recovery Op' roadshow arriving back at camp...
  7. Hi all, First off, sorry I've been off the radar recently, family problems continue to get in the way of fun stuff so much so that I havent even sorted out my War and Peace pictures properly yet! Anyway, didnt see any threads on the new IMPS do at Headcorn back in August so as it was the easiest job on my to do list I've gone through and picked out a few photies. See http://www.depthoffieldimages.co.uk/imps09/index.html for a bit of a mixture! Phil
  8. Kyle - Theres a few muddled in with my W&P allied re-enactor pix, like the one below, at http://www.depthoffieldimages.co.uk/wp08al/index.html Zoomer Phil
  9. I'll be about, so put the kettle on Jack! Had thought about dossing in my car on saturday night to be able to partake of the evening 'ambience'...
  10. Apparently it'll be on the front cover of Yourswale. Don't think they're using any others so am afraid the kilted Andy's wont become Faversham sex-symbols this year. Phil
  11. Hello people, If you are in the North Kent area keep an eye out tomorrow for the local papers 'Your Thanet' and so on. They should use at least one photo from Mayhem. I gave them a few words and a bunch of pix, so not sure how much it will say as they said they were stuck for space, but at least a bit of publicity cant hurt. BTW You soon learn that to get an event publicised then send them a picture with an explosion in it... If you arent in North kent you should still be able to see their papers online from tomorrow - go to http://www.kentnews.co.uk/ In case you missed my other post (it's not in this reports link) the pix I took are at http://www.depthoffieldimages.co.uk/mm08/index.html including the explosion one that KOS liked! Zoomer Phil
  12. zoomer

    Bike PIx

    You never told me you had any bikes! I suppose you took them over on your motor yacht... alright for some, eh?
  13. Hi Andy, Yep, managed to get a quick ride. Sue one of the organisers came too and shot some. I think Harry M did the same on sunday - theres a separate thread. Probably sunday was best cos it was pretty hazy on saturday... Glad you liked the Bedford pics. So did I! Grab them off the site or I can email higher res if you want. PM me. Phil
  14. Sorted out a bunch more as well now, so the link above will take you to a much bigger gallery than before!
  15. Harry you are quite right! Takes me ages. And ages. At least the paper have got back and said they will use a picture - you can guess which one! I tried to persuade them to use a couple more so we'll see what they do. Hope you enjoyed sunday, weather held off it seems. Might have been better being a bit overcast as some of my pix are a bit too contrasty. Look forward to seeing some of your shots. Oh,and I forgot you were dicing with death in the arena too, but you played it safe - very wise. You know how your Dad drives, for a start... Phil
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