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while googling around i found there was a 6 wheeled AEC lorry kitted out for the royal army chaplains department and made into a mobile church and called, the motor church of saint george , and used in the middle east , i know chaplains rode around in jeeps then laid out items on the bonnet for church service , but never knew about the mobile AEC church did you ! there are pics on google of it and someone has made a dinky toy code 3 model of the mobile church on ebay , do you know of any other vehicles used for this purpose by chaplains and any pics , feel free to add the pic of the motor church of saint george , for me for this thread , something different for a change , :coffee:

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Um, isnt that a Walther P38 and German holster? The Catholic church was known for allowing it's Chaplins into the front line. Other denominations tended to prefer thier members to be further back.


And on a slightly more serious note I think it is 'By Tank into Normandy' that describes how the chaplain took it upon himself to attempt the recovery of remains from brewed tanks. A job which must surely have defied description!

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What with the image of the chaplain's truck and the soldier with the hand gun, reminded me of the story of the Popemobile that was commissioned to be built for the Popes trip to Peru


"The Vatican commissioned a local firm to modify a Toyota, and their design included not only Kevlar bodywork and 5cm, bullet-proof Plexiglass, but also, at the front, mountings for a couple of machineguns."




Clearly they expected the Pope to fight back!

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Yep sidearms for Catholic Chaplains, for an express method of administering the last rites when time was short :cool2:


"I don't want to die!"

"Look, time is short, I need to do the last rites."

"But I don't want to die!"

"Do you want the last rites or not, yes or no." Cocks pistol. "Yes or no?"


Ah, you can see why I never made it as a scriptwriter, but here is an interestring discussion: http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=612941



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Back in WW1 the 36 th Ulster divison, mostly staunch uniounists had a Catholic Padre attached who was killed in action. Virtually the whole divison wanted to attend his funeral. Geroge McDonald Fraser in one of his McClauslan stories about an inter regimental quiz says he didn't know a Catholic Padre who couldn't win over the toughest crowd.

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