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Good day to you all!

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Hello, thought i'd best introduce myself before cheekily pleading for some information regarding this lump that I have just acquired from ebay..





Apologies if the pictures are a bit small they are the only ones I have at the moment.


I've known this vehicle for 4 years as it belonged to my boss- I spent a bit of time doing odds and sods to it when I first started my apprenticeship, mostly cleaning/painting and assembling bits as it was stripped when he acquired it. Oh and cutting various bits off that had be grafted onto it during its time spent winching boats out the water from a dock wall, so i've been told. (including some horrid bump stops added to lock the rear suspension when winching)


But as I got better at the day job less time was spent on it and as a result it sat pretty much as is, outside mostly, and he decided to part with it. Not really knowing what it would be worth and with me trying my hardest to ignore it's departure it was put up for sale... and I ended up with it as another project!


It runs and drives, but doesn't stop as the brakes are seized up- this I am working on at the moment.


Basically my plan is to get it up and running as a half respectable looking vehicle as soon as possible, and then worry about the missing and altered aspects of it. As mentioned the brakes need work, wood needs replacing, I need to obtain the V5, lights need fitting along with the dashboard and a few other niggles, then some paint and a good service.


So hope to have it out and about shortly!


Now I must confess my main hobby is road steam, I have an Aveling roller under restoration (hence not needing another project lol) but what better support vehicle to have with a roller than a Pioneer with an 8 ton winch!! Especially with the resent summers and rather damp rallies.


Look forward to reading about your own projects.


Kind Regards


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Welcome to the forum. Please post lots of pics of your process as I am envious as hell! There is another Pioneer sitting in a scrapyard in our country but sadly, I simply don't have the funds to even purchase it, not even mentioning it's restoration...:mad::mad::mad:

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