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Sprog alert, I'm here

Guest Son of FV601

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Guest Son of FV601

Hello Everyone


My name is Paul and I'm the son of FV601. I would like to say hello to everyone and hope that you don't mind me being here.


I attend all of the shows with my Dad John e.g. Beltring, Detling, Kelvedon Hatch and lots of minor ones in between.


I help Dad with all of our vehicles and he has let me drive our 101 Ambulance on private ground so ive got a head start when it comes to my driving test. He will not let me drive the Saladin yet due to my size but he lets me start it up and warm its engine up before we drive off.



And i would like to ask Jack if we could have a Junior section so us sprogs can post odds and sods

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OH MY GOD THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOUR HOOD - High Paul best you behave or we will have to tie you up AGAIN.



width=640 height=480http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i272/ian2b/100_3247paul.jpg[/img]


width=640 height=480http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i272/ian2b/100_3862PAUL.jpg[/img]


width=640 height=480http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i272/ian2b/100_3599paul.jpg[/img]



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At last!


We need to stick together as basically having you here will help raise the maturity level of this site up - between you and I, they are all kids :whistle: and at least I now have someone else on my level!


Welcome aboard young man and you must have one of the best signatures on the site "Will glady cause my Dad headaches on a regular basis if asked "


Make yourself at home but for god sakes tidy your bedroom up!


Kind regards.



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Tidy his bedroom - If his bedroom is anything like the back of the 101 ambi when he is living in it then there is no chance of his room ever being tidy. Or it could be down to his dad that its in such a state in the 101. :rofl:



I heard that Pardon!!! :whistle:


I'll have you know everything was laid out in its place when I started taking the Ambi to shows, that was until Paul, Harry, Robbie and just about any kids they met up with at Beltring last year decided that it made a good den / battle camp / TV room ect. ect.


At least there is space in it again now as I made him clear up the back of it yesterday ready for the weekend :evil: :evil:

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Junior section?, good idea, fetch the water, make the tea, wash the motor's, that sort of thing. ;-)



Sorry Richard, Can't trust our junior section making the tea worried they might add something to it but wash the vehicles sounds good, maybe they can set up an MV wash at beltring - just a small charge.

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My Dads got a VW ilstis but ive never been alowed near the drivers seat. The closest Ive come to driving something is this half-scale Land Rover that we built last year. I nearly crashed it!!!. i go to as many shows with my dad as possible. but Beltring is the main one obviously. Any who, enjoy the forum.

BI BI!!!!!!!!!

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Better good old rope, or you'd have to cut the cable ties every time you'll need the sprog to do some errand....

...just to retie them when they finished.


(at least this is how we do here with the scouts)




Hope you are down at war and peace you can show us some knots.

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