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Tracked vehicle to the rescue


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you little beauty ! i didn't know what they were but i bought 2 of theses tracked carriers from nelson green's yard last year mostly because they use bren carrier track and wheels and i needed some spare. i've since found another tremporary use for them :)


thanks for solving a mystery for me.


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I think these were originally designed to be used by the RAF to move crashed aircraft by linking together as many as necessary to suit the job. No doubt somebody will be along to correct me if I'm wrong. I'm sure Ted Angus will have the definitive answer.

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the upper part of the bogies is still in the yard waiting for me to get round to collecting them which i'll do one day. now that i know what they are for i might put them back together ( i only cut the u bolts to remove the axles) it would make an interesting display of REME in action.

here's a link to the pic that first alerted me to their whereabouts, sorry but i can only do a link as the pic won't download.




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