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  1. Thanks Timbo...yes indeed...getting to grips with the uncluttered missile tube is a must. Once I get basic dims from the missile making a drawing is one step easier. I'll have a look for the one you mentioned. Good idea, cheers.:thumbsup: g0ozs........not sure if its the same example, but that is certainly an excellent set of images you linked to. Many many thanks for that. The overhead shots especially. Thats where I would have struggled with the Muckleburgh example. :banana: Clive, 'you da man' as usual. Have replied to your mails...those scans absolutely invaluable sir. :bow: Sincere thanks to all so far. Howard @ KFS
  2. Greetings all. This is a bit of a long shot (pun intended :-D) I'm after any info on the English Electric Thunderbird Mk2 please if anyone can help. Specifically; the missile itself & the launcher base/carrier trailer with the removable axles. Not so much the re-supply trailer, radar, & generators though. I know Muckleburgh has one in the erect position (opposite a Bloodhound). Firepower at Woolich also has one erected. But does anyone know of others, ideally in private hands maybe ?. Museum & gates guard missiles are usually erected & that makes them difficult to measure up. Or....anyone have any user handbooks, drawings, manuals, publications etc they might be prepared to photocopy ?....all costs happily covered of course. All info gratefully received......many thanks in advance.:tup:: Howard @ KFS http://www.kitformservices.com kfs1@btinternet.com
  3. Thanks for the tip off John, sending him an e mail in the next few minutes. Any other offers more than welcome though in case its a no go. Thanks again all. Howard @ KFS
  4. Morning all, Time is fast approaching to start work on our 1/24th Scammell Crusader kit(s). What I'm hoping for is someone in the Lincolnshire (or near-ish) area with a complete 35 ton Crusader tractor (with winch) who will allow me to pay a visit with a camera & tape measure to gather some first hand data. I have an iron in the fire for the EKA version, so thats covered with luck. Just the tractor unit to crack now. All offers of help gratefully received lads. Thanks in advance. Howard @ KFS www.kitformservices.com kfs1@btinternet.com
  5. Hello Chaps, Just a BIG public thank you to Sean for his assistance on the RL detail questions ! He has kindly taken the time & trouble & provided me with exactly what I needed & more besides:thanx: HMVF to the rescue again:saluting: Best regs.......Howard @ KFS
  6. Cheers Wally, many thanks......well that proves they were there anyway !! The body we've copied is a later dropside version...just got one very grainy in service picture which appears to show the assister on the other side, like an MK. One step closer never the less :drive: Thanks again. Best regs........Howard
  7. Gents. Just a sneak preview look at some of the masters for the 1/24th Bedford RL kit coming out in a few months time. Go to the Military Section on http://www.kitformservices.com & scroll down a way to the TQ-223 Bedford RL Its off for casting shortly.....more news when I have the full kit back with canopy, etch & decals. Regards.......Howard @ KFS
  8. Thanks Sean....looking forward to seeing what you can find out.:clap: Just posted a couple of preview pictures on my website of the basic masters set if anyone wants a shuftie :drive: See Military Range........ http://www.kitformservices.com Best regards.....Howard @ KFS
  9. Evening all, As stated recently in Sharkys RL thread (Hello again Iain:D)....we have an RL kit coming out in the next few months. I'm in the process of finalising the details right now & am looking for some insight on a few details if anyone could kindly help out. (Will also have Saxon ready v-soon but thats another story) 1) Would anyone have a photo of a fully rigged body headboard with pioneer tool fitted or at least a picture of all the brackets in place please? I can see where the shovel fits, & I can see what looks like pick head clamp fittings....but I have no idea about where the helve is carried.:blush: 2) Next is any info, pictures etc of the infantry seats please?....I remember in my head what they look like & how they fold etc, but its the detail like how many wooden slats in the seat & back rest & how many 'over body' hooks etc. 3) Does anyone know, did the RL tailboard have a spring assisted reaction bracket fitted, (like on the MK) as standard or fitted in later service? Or was it all gravity & muscles? Any decent pics of the canopy bars, canopy, tailboard, side boards would be most excellent also, just to cross reference the photos I already have. You blokes have always been brilliant with info, so a big thanks in advance :thanx: Best regs.......Howard @ KFS http://www.kitformservices.com kfs1@btinternet.com
  10. That is SO neat !! Make your own fossils almost. Wonder if it would work with a cat ?:cool2:
  11. "mine is on the back (inside) of the bumper, rhs" Funnily enough thats where I expected it to be. But both positions make sense in a way. AEC must have decided to put it out of the way so it did'nt fill up with spray. (if a Milly could go quick enough to make spray that is) I'll make a note on the kit instructions about alternative positions I think. Its not a big deal though. Cheers lads. Howard @ KFS
  12. Many thanks 052......typically it must be just out of shot in my pictures. Job sorted you're a good'un, cheers. Howard @ KFS :thanx:
  13. Hello chaps, This is almost a "I may be stupid but"......:blush: Could anyone tell me where the horn is located on a Mk1 Militant please ? Have been through hundreds of pics from most angles & I can't find the bugger anywhere Thanks in advance lads. Howard @ KFS
  14. They are indeed plate shackles....had my fingers inbetween those a few times !! Used in hundreds of examples when connecting a casualty & / or two pieces of recovery kit together & when making up a layout for winching. H PS At over 12" long they're probably (could be) from a Cent ARV CES.
  15. You just can't listen to James Brown doing 'I Feel Good' without getting the mental image of Robin Williams in the studio doing the moves. Sad loss, truly electrically funny bloke. H
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