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Where should I bolt the tax disk holder on my CVRT?





Does anyone have any suggestions where I should bolt the tax disk holder on my CVRT?


I have a couple of ideas but ideally I'd like to fit it as unobtrusively as possible.


I've got one of the motorbike type holders which 'should' be waterproof.


I was thinking maybe the inside of the driver's hatch since this will be open when its on the road, or maybe the side of the commander's sight cover.


I'm just wondering if there's a prefered location or somewhere blindingly obvious that I'm not seeing...


Any suggestions welcome





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its all on the system they can see if mv is taxed would be a pretty sad copper that did a ferret owner for non display of tax disc , they really should concentrate on bigger issues , but sadly a lot of us thru work are performance /target driven.

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Just a quick tuppence ha'penny's worth...

I've been riding motorbikes a long time & have never known a tax disc holder that was waterproof.

The ones that come as standard on most bikes, like the one shown in CornishBloke's photo ARE mostly rain & splash proof but still let in oodles of condensation, sometimes making the disc impossible to see & at worst, smudging it beyond all recognition; either way making it a big dangling neon carrot to over-zealous or inexperienced coppers!


Your best & also nicest looking bet might be one of the so called "high security" ones (with the allen bolts around the edges). They come in various anodised colours & also a nice carbon fibre effect black that goes well on anything. Some have built in rubber O-ring type seals but on those that don't, it'd be easy to add one. Alternatively, a bit of silicon between the contact faces does the trick nicely. Don't forget to put some Vaseline on the allen bolts though, as even electro-plated ones are prone to rusting in place.

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