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  1. I have a set of EMERS from 1948 that give all the information needed to make a drops "crate" for a WWII jeep' John.
  2. Cant help with the markings, but a local lady was an Ambulance driver in WWII. Her Job was to drive to a particular drop zone for the paras, park up, watch the drop and collect any injured, an ocasionly the dead. John.
  3. This dosnt look like a military trailer, the right angle central beams are wrong for an airborne type trailer, the drop axle is also wrong,all the airborne trailers that I have seen have a pair of square u channels for the central boom and the axle goes straight to th centre of the brake drum, John.
  4. Just spoken to A. Small and he said that his daughter went to Dawlish air day, hence the apparent quick turn round, John
  5. 2.15 pm. Lancaster bomber with Hurricane escort flying west over Lyme Regis in very low cloud. John.14.44 Lancaster and Hurricane escort returning East over my house. Very low cloud may have made them return. Great to hear the RR engines, John.
  6. Thankyou Jack for all the hard work you and your team put into this event. I go to very few shows thesdays, but a chance to do the road run was something that was a rare opertunity to take part in.What a success it was, all the public dotted about in the remotest of places taking photos, waving and enjoying themselves.The wonderful sounds of 60+ year old engines barking up the hills without a breakdown as far as I know, a tribute to the owners and drivers. Last but not least, because the road run would not have been so freeflowing at all the road junctions and roundabouts, are the Dispatch rid
  7. I was at the Army Air Corps airfield at Middle Wollop on Saturday for the families open day and the Spitfire arrived at 4.20 p.m. and gave a fantastic display. Possibly the same one that you saw. I have included some pictures of their static aircraft on display. John.
  8. Single No. unladen weight, greater no. weight of vehicle plus load. Jeep would be 1 over2 for example. John.
  9. James ML , Excelsior Welbike and BSA folding bike. Sorry no photos of rebuilds. John
  10. Please can you pass on my details to the scrapyard owner. John Forsey, 01297 560 561

  11. The kink in the handle at both ends is to allow a toggle rope to be attached to either pull or restrain the basket when going down hill, so I was informed by ex airborne vet. He didnt think they were ever used in theater but were seen into the 1960s on the airborne base carrying a variety of kit from place to place.Nevertheless a rare and interesting airborne piece of WWII kit.
  12. Very nice piece of WWII airborne equipment. Hand cart/ wheelbarrow to be pulled by hand, not a trailor as such.There should be hooks at the four bottom corners where you could attach toggle ropes to assist in hand hauling.I have one and yours is only the second one I have seen in 20 odd years.Mind you I dont get about much.
  13. Thanks catweaslr, I have had a lousey day and I read all this and burst out laughing. Feeel much better now, thanks. John
  14. Half track if you look at what I said in my letter to the dvla it in I said it washypothetical one. Used as an example to the person I was talking. I do not own a half track never have never will. you said in one of your posts, do not rember the exact words, but on the lines that I implied that you were an idiot. Dont need to you are doing a great job on your own
  15. You are wriggling around trying to find pitfalls and the passage is quite clear, in subsection ii,articles required etc. nothing anywhere to say charities or any other body, club, nothing. I am beginning to wonder if you can read 28 simple words and understand them, both you and antarmike seem hellbent to twist all sorts of redherrings into this permission that patently are not there. I am an ex Police officer and my son is a serving one, I asked him to look into this and he asked the Traffic prosecution department to look at the legislation using my hypothetical half track as an example. I wi
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