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Gpmg mount


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Trying to find a drawing or pictures of this type of mount, as bits seem to have been hacked off this one, and other bits bodged on for some reason.








Any help would be much appreciated









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Looks like your missing the Ammo box holder & the rear mounting pin with combined handle. There were plenty of these about last year at Beltring. I sold Two myself there.


Where are you based?

If your not too far from me, you would be wellcome to come over & photograph & measure my own mount if you wish.


PM me if i can help.

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Thanks chaps, the drawing is a great help Andy, googled for ages trying to find one. So it looks like just the part that the bin fixes to has been cut off for some reason.


Ffixer, thanks for your offer, I may take you up on it if I get stuck making the repair, no rush :-)



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Ffixer, it's the spent case bin mounts that have been cut off, and rather crudely, compared to where the part 6 shown in the drawing has been cut out of the centre.


Found the missing rear pin and made a new catch plate/bolt /chain for it, you can see the rough cuts in this pic.I have tidied it up now and will wait till/if I find a bin to fit before making new mountings for it.




Found this pic of a mk 1, it has the centre cut out like mine which makes me think both are modified mk 1s. as they both differ from the drawing.




Could the rest of the bin mountings on mine have been cut off in service for some reason?


Just one more thing, can't find any info on the functioning of the sights 2 & 14 in the drawing, could you enlighten me please?



Link to one for sale







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Oh yes, I can see now your dillema! The empty case box holder has Defo been cut off of the mount! God know why? It MIGHT

have been badly damaged on a vehicle roll over? this seems to be happening more & more frequently these days for some reason?


As I said, i do have a couple of the mounts here in my Garage that you are most wellcome to come & photograph & measure up, if you wish.


Let me know If I can help, I could repair the mount for you if you wanted? It is a fairly easy job in my opinion. ;)

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OOPPS! Forgot your question with regards to the Mounting's 'Sights'.


I have never seen them used in Service I have to confess. I can only ASSUME that they were fitted to the mounting.

In case of damage to the weapon mounted.


IE: A bullet or shrapnell strike to the front sight block damaging the weapon. & limiting it's ability for accurate aiming.

VERY simple to use (& very crude!) swing up front & rear Open appature 'Plate' like sights.

Line up each open appature & align onto intended target............

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I "THINK" the sights fitted to the mount were used so the gunner did not have to put his head and body too far out of the hatch, these sights are at the bottom of the mount, quite a bit lower than the sights on the gun. so the gun was fired with your hand above your head with just the top of your head out of the vehicle, these sights were very very basic a short length of welding rod with a square plate on the end with a large hole in (both front and rear)for use when the "stuff" really hit the fan .a bit like the auxiliary firing handle on the .30 browning for the ferret

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Thanks again for the replies chaps,


Ffixer, agree a simple job, and I appreciate the offer but as a compulsive fabricator I'll enjoy doing it myself..


Skiprat, your thinking makes sense to me, good input.


David, see ya there..

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