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and more.....

Bedford MWR 15cwt 1944 body in production….

few more steps, mainly generator box for generator was big prolem, but think looks good as original

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Hi Tom


Chassis Number MWR61420 makes it (July-Aug) 1944


1944 Production : Chassis Numbers 55886 - 64484


Source of Information Page 44 of Kaleidoscope of Bedford and Vauxhall Military Vehicles by Bart H. Vanderveen (published 1982)


Cheers Richard

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Hallo Gordon, in the military wiress world Im new, not expert, I only know its ws 19set, not complete, thank you for info, I buy this set as you see, in future try make chenges, look for missing items and make in finnish perfect, velcome other info, photos about ws19set in 15cwt trucks, thank you very much, regards Tom

As I'm sure you know, the dogbone is in the wrong place. It should connect the top two 12 pin sockets.



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I have made bonnets for customers in the past but a bit busy to do any right now but what I do have are a couple of correctly dimensioned centre hinges - I had a batch made ages ago.  I think there might be a bit of surface rust but easy to clean up.  I can let you have one if you are up for fabricating your own bonnet. The bonnets are relatively straightforward to have made up as long as you remember to leave a little spare steel on the front corners to follow the line of the top of the radiator cowl because of the slight downward slope of the whole bonnet rear to front. I think I even saw the template for the shape of the cutout that goes around the radiator cap on a shelf in the workshop yesterday and I can easily draw around that, scan it and email it to you.  The brackets that the side panels hang on are simply a slighty curved rectangle with a slot; these are riveted to the bonnet.

Some pictures here http://s484.photobucket.com/user/RustyTrucks/library/Bedford Bonnets

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