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  1. Looking for any infomation as to the work carried out to my 1951 80" landrover in 1960 when a base overhaul was carried out would the work be carried out to a set standard (anybody got a copy of the standard please ) with the complete vehicle rebuilt to as new condition regardless of cost or was each vehicle assessed and just repaired as necessary ,if every vehicle was completely rebuilt there must have been some system to bring the overhauled parts for each vehicle back together or was it case that the next completed set of parts were just assembled as complete vehicle .was the 50s /60s system the same as the wartime rebuild programe for say bedford MWs which after rebuild got new Z numbers in the Z 160000 range ,am i correct in think that the same system was in use on all vehicles used by the british military ,would workshop B398 have just specialized in land rovers or just overhauled any vehicles it was sent ?
  2. Citroen cars slough were also involved in the manufacture/ modification of the bodys for the Bedford MWR radio trucks and the assembling of vehicles imported as kits from Canada (drive to victory a catalogue of canadian military vehicles has them assembling 70,000 trucks )
  3. just thought i would add the photos of the MWR on the recent 30 corps trip to Holland in here ,it was the first time i have managed to get a full crew of five in the truck with all there kit ,beds ,chairs ,a shower the roof rack worked a treat and we all slept under the penthouse which which rolled out from the right side of the roof rack .
  4. Thanks for answering my question i have been looking to try and find any infomation regarding Bedford MW production with a view to trying to establish a more accurate method of dating factory production i own a 1940 MWD chassis number 12249 which if my reserch is correct was built in July 1940 all my infomation is collected from diffrent sources but i have nothing from the factory to conferm this infomation i also have Bedford MWR chassis number 42436 and at present the closest to a manufacturing date would be 1942 i would like to find any accurate infomation which could narrow this down
  5. can i ask Baz 48 if there is infomation on bedford mw production figures in the copy you have ? if there is i would be happy to pay for a copy
  6. well done thanks for sharing your photos it helps to inspire all of us who are doing the same thing
  7. Looking for infomation on British /Canadian events 2nd-10th of June in Normandy
  8. proberbly a good time to restart this topic looking to put together a list of British /Canadian events i have details of the larger british events ,the port en bessin parade on the 7th ,the Bayeux liberation parade on the 9th , looking for any infomation on similar parades and static camps we could visit
  9. Hi all we are going on the MVT trip to Normandy this year i have details for some of the larger events but i am looking for details of british events and static camps we could visit
  10. looks very much like an 80" steering box to me do the labels say if it is new or reconditioned should sell for a lot of money on e-bay
  11. Dont think you are too far out with your HT leads attached photo is the only one i have of an MWR engine i think it came from some photos pre D-day about water proofing although the parts book has the coil either mounted on the engine as you have it or mounted on the drivers side foot well depending on engine number .
  12. Hi i own a Bedford MWR from 1942 and i am currently restoring a July 1940 MWD Bedford were can i get a copy of your book please ,your period copys of photos could be big help with my restoration would you have any early MW photos showing if  the cab floor had three steel plates or wooden planks



    1. Morris C8

      Morris C8

      Hi Nicky,

                          I did send someone photos that I had, to send to you .

         The photo book I print one at a time and I can add a photo of your Bedford and your name and the copy number of the book, its not for sale in shops as I do it for a hobby, all my photos are original war time photos from my collection. There are 80 pages and its a hardback. cost £30 via PayPal fiends and family. that inc p&p .



    2. Morris C8

      Morris C8

      My Photo book Captured Bedford MWs has over 100+ MW photos from Dunkirk to the Eastern Front. 

    3. Morris C8
  13. This was mentioned in the last MVT Normandy tour up date but if read the above correctly there is an exmption regarding military vehicles over 50 years old used for historical activites on page 11 paragraph 3 which seams to cover France ,Belgium, and Germany but not the Netherlands of course everything may change again when brexit finally happens
  14. Hi Thomas the side plate steel cover which gives access to the cam followers and push rods is a diffrent it has a large radius in the plate to allow the screened MWR distibutor to be fitted , i have ready to be fitted to my truck if you need a photo to work from
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