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  1. Memory playing me false again. The relevant publications are RAC Training Volume III Armament. Pamphlet 18 Saladin Armoured Car 1965 and Pamphlet 12 Saracen Mks 1 and 2 and Ferret Mk2 1957. A nice demo at shows is to show that a Sainsburys canned G&T is a perfect fit in a discharger. gmb
  2. It is not just a stuck brush is it? Had that on my LR recently.
  3. Here is a bit more info with regard to Ferrets, Saladins and others of that ilk and era. These two scans are taken from the Saladin User Handbook, might be the Technical Handbook, and the Saladin Armament Handbook. If you want the exact publications just say and I will dig them out.
  4. Private message sent.
  5. I can confirm the Hever Saladin has a full set of 12.00x20 bar-grip tyres. We're going to re-label it 06BB50 when it gets repainted later this year. Today's excitement was a full 360 degree traverse under power, see the facebook group for a video when Oren gets his finger out.
  6. The record card for 06BB50 shows it going to "Plinth for A Sqn RY". It also has at least one tyre that has never seen tarmac as it still has moulding flash on it. I will check the size on wednesday when I next visit the site.
  7. Thanks to all for their input to our quest for trying to find out the correct ERM. Richard, now that the turret turns under power I will have a search of the hull for a data plate. REME245, my Ferret Mk1 appears in the Merlin archive as being RY LAD at the same time you were there. Does 03BB33 ring any bells? Gordon
  8. Our information is that there were two at Croydon, 06BB50 and 06BB47. The record card for 06BB50 shows it went to A Sqn RY for plinth duty in October 1985. After that who knows? We also know there was one at Croydon in 2018 when it was refurbished and figures in the Sharpshooter's Journal. There is no sign of the data plate inside the turret of ours.
  9. Yes, it is that one. The registration number now on it comes up at Bovy as being a Sexton. The spare part we found was a brake pipe which could tie in with your comment. Very interesting about the signs as it has none now. We are working on seeing if it can go, and also a repaint. The problem at the moment is it looks like the starter solenoid comes in, a nice clunk, but makes no effort to turn the engine which may or may not be free. Then there is an issue with the gearbox, the pedal just flops around. I have a Ferret so know what it should do.
  10. The Saladin at Hever Castle in Kent does not have a valid registration according to Bovington records. We have found a spare part in one of the bins in a bag labelled 06BB50, which is a valid Saladin number and the history card ties in with the recent known history. The DIS is July 1958 and the colour code is for deep bronze green, as expected. However the first record entry on the card is for October 1962 when it was transfered to the RAC Gunnery School. All subsequent service was in the UK. At some time, which must have been between 1958 and 1962 it was in light stone so was somewhere hot. There is a photo on the net of 06BB49 in Aden with 2RTR, was this one there as well? Does anyone have any photos of 06BB50 please? I understand 2RTR were also in Libya, was it there perhaps? Gordon
  11. I'm thinking something more like cam net supports, not radio related.
  12. I am helping titivate a museum's gate guard Saladin and I have seen that it does not have a bridge plate. On looking around the web I cannot find any pictures of Saladins with bridge plates apart from a couple of models. Did they not have them and if not why not? If they did, what number wold have been used, I have seen 11, 12 and 13 on the models. Gordon
  13. If it is any consolation to you I have twice (!) filled my MGB with diesel. Easier to sort out though, there is a drain bung under the fuel tank.
  14. 10FM68, following on from your post, what would a vehicle belonging to the Household Cavalry have during the same time period? Life Guards or Blues & Royals? Thanks, Gordon
  15. Beware, the caps on those water jerry cans do not seal. There looks as if there should be an O-ring in the cap but I have never seen one.
  16. Etch primer has worked for me. You need to dig the corrosion out of all the pits first.
  17. Richard, it is 03BB33, a Mk1. Gordon
  18. For my Ferret the Merlin report shows it as RY LAD from 5/12/89 until 11/5/93. The record card for this period shows Code change from 0122-4101 to 0122-4000. I assume RY is Royal Yeomanry but do Merlin reports normally go into such detail as LAD? If the vehicle was transferred from the LAD to a squadron would Merlin know, or care? Gordon
  19. Only if you are going to be filling it from unknown fuel sources in unknown jerrycans.
  20. The Series 1 has the same thing. I've never had an issue with mine in decades of use, but I have had them rot and fall off. Indeed, I found mine in the bottom of the tank only last week.
  21. Re orange. In the 70s I had some ex-MoD paint I was told was red lead primer. It was bright orange, and wonderful stuff. I did my Landrover chassis and bulkhead with it in 1980 and it is still there, and still bright orange where it shows thru the x layers of subsequent paint..
  22. It isn't a balun as you are going from unbalanced co-ax to an unbalanced whip. I believe from memory that it is an auto transformer designed so that there is a DC path from the whip to ground/vehicle chassis in case of contacting overhead power lines. It may or may not work effectively on 2m. Being designed for the mil band the ferrite may not be suitable. I think I would remove it and just feed the co-ax straight to your quarter wave whip cut for 2m. Or you could do some tests with and without it to some distant friend and try and see if the received signal strength changes with and without it.
  23. I was told the tale that an MAN wrecker was sent out to Canada and MAN remotely killed it because they thought it had been stolen. The Army were not amused because at the time they did not know MAN had the capability. I have also been shown the switch on the dash board that bypasses all the things that would normally stop it so you can at least limp it off the battlefield if a sidelight blows.
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