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A credit to all

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They said it could't be done !!


Well I have just spent a fantastic day in Hyde Park, London. with 6 of the nicest ferret owners that proved them wrong.


In the early hours of Saturday morning 6 ferrets creeped into central London. As we gathered in Hyde Park at the Queens Diamond Jubilee festival.

The organisers of the festival had arranged a Tattoo which we were to be part of in a purpose built arena. Anybody arriving early that morning looked on amazed as the 12 crew members walked around in circle's hand in hand as we rehearsed our performance on foot . Then quickly into the vehicles for one full scale rehearsal in the arena.


Just before 1'oclock with the organisers reporting a full house of 50,000 people. The massed bands marched out into the purpose built arena. Followed by a motor cycle display team.


Then from the bandstand the band of of the Household Division played the theme from Thunderbirds as the ferrets entered the arena.

They were off to a well choreographed performance of circles, figure of eights, fans etc... after 8 minutes they lined up to gave a fake gun fire volley and left the arena with the last ferret flying the biggest union jack flag of all.


The crowds loved it.


Quickly, in the hot afternoon something to eat re-arm the pyro's and back out for a second performance.

Again the crowds were amazed.


Photos and pictures I will post later.

The day was only achieved by the hard work and dedication of the Drivers, Commanders and Support crew. Names I will also list later but you know who you are.


It was an honour to have been part of this special weekend, and real honour to have worked so closely to the vehicle crews who proved to be a credit to our country and to our hobby

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Well done! & nice to hear that you guys continued the spirit of 'Ambassadors' of our Hobby. In a positive way, in the public eye!


This sort of outcome only serves to reinforce the good that we do in our chosen path of restoration. & that we ARE responsible owners & CAN be trusted with the things we like to collect!


The more we win over the Public at large for the right reasons. The stronger support, & potential possible other owners/members for the future there will be!



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I think we are all impressed that the weekend went so well in its entirety and the small bit that the Ferrets played can only show the hobby in a good light with the general public.


Kudos to the owners who played a part as well!


Pictures please a video would be nice as well

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/Users/Barry/Desktop/Group Shot.jpg


The Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Hyde Park, London.


Musical Drive of The Ferret Military Vehicle Trust Display Team.



Thats just enticing! If you are having problems you can email photos to me I will post them up.



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