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  1. Good luck with your search Points to think about: - Check for slight tyre bulges. - Truck should brake really really well (unloaded). If it doesn't there is a brake problem. - Look for excessive play in the steering. Check the steering box oil level, and looks for leaks around there. - When out for a drive take it up to 40mph. If the front is shimmying around all over the place, the pins needs replacing on the track-rod. - Listen out for a blowing cracked exchaust manifold, although you'll probably notice the noise. - Check exhaust condition. They can take a lot of rust and still hold together, but can be expensive to replace. A £7,000 budget should get you a nice truck Kind regards Vulture
  2. Slightly down on 2015, if I recall correctly I think we had 86 vehicles (motorbikes included) this year.
  3. After the crappy weather we have been having recently we were so lucky with the weather on the day . It had been horrible as well the day before with heavy rain showers, hail, heavy winds which were and bitingly cold.
  4. Yorkshire MVT held its annual 'Crank Up' event last Sunday. Few pics on my Blog: http://vultureswargamingblog.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/yorkshire-military-vehcile-trust-2016.html
  5. Hi guys The Vulcan put on a good display on Saturday at the Great Yorkshire Airshow at the Church Fenton airfield. Here's a quick bit of video I took on my phone
  6. Ended up using a silicone sealant on both faces and smeared around the nut heads. Hopefully it will do the trick. Thus far everything is fine, no leaks MatchFuzee, I didn't have any blue Hylomar gasket to hand, but I'm going to lay some in. Sounds like a good product. Kind regards to all Vulture
  7. Starfire and NOS I'm using a brand new Cork seal, which is a good fit, and I've made sure both the surfaces are totally clean that it will be mating with. Two questions here (just be totally clear in my own mind): 1. With regard the nuts, would you put sealant round those ? 2. Are you suggesting I put sealant onto both sides of the new cork seal as well ? Kind regards Vulture (aka Ian)
  8. Guys The Grey Lady was due an oil change so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Whilst she was empty of oil I dropped the lower oil pan to inspect for sludge. I was pleasantly surprised to find hardly any at all, so having thoroughly cleaned round and also repainted the outside of the sump I re-fitted it tonight. Currently all the attachment nuts are back in place and finger tight. The thought occurs and this is the reason for the posting, would it be prudent to back each nut off slightly and add a small dab of gasket seal, before tightening up? Currently it is the brass washers around the nuts that are sealing the nuts (which extend up into the sump). I have a worry bead that when I tighten everything up, fill with oil, I'll then find I have multiple oil drips (especially when the oil is hot). That said I didn't have any significant drips before, so am I worrying unnecessarily? :undecided: Your wise counsel in this matter would be appreciated. Kind regards to all Vulture (aka Ian)
  9. Wished I could have made it along. If anyone has any photos of the CCKWs that were there, it would be great if you could share them
  10. Hi guys Your wise counsel is sought on the subject of trolley jacks. I'm minded to get a trolley jack to use with my CCKW352 (weight 4.5 ton). I want to be able to lift the front axle up in one easy motion to then put in place the axle stands. Any suggestions regarding type and specification would be much appreciated. Kind regards to all Vulture
  11. That is a lot of vehicles ! Shows the strength of the Yorkshire group :-)
  12. Nice one Steve ! :nut: In fact discussing a with fellow GMC owner fuel system configurations :-D
  13. Bring the Jimmy, see if we break last years record of three !
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