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Now the work will start with 13BK33 FV1611A

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Andy...... For A?????? Piggy?????


I don't think is was a ferrett mod and remember that suggestion. It must have a reason???


However it looks vulnerable to me unless somebody cross threaded the sump orrifice and this was a solution that would not weep as much????????


Thanks for the reply


How much off road use would a Pig have most of the pictures that I have seen show the vehicle on tarmac, so it could be for ease of access or a Reme repair to enable the vehicle fit for service. I would presume that the engine would have to be lifted slightly to remove the sump?

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Just had a quick look back over the thread the extension piece wouldn't be for a Ferret as the B60 for a Pig is a wet sump and the Ferret has a dry sump with an oil tank. From memory the clearance beneath the sump plug on a Ferret is on or around one centimetre.


I suspect its for ease of access is it a civvy modification? If it was used off road the extension would be below the cross member which expose it to rocks and the like.


Andy I agree that it would probably get ripped off, so even more uneccessary on a 4x4 APC. Not sure if a previous PO item.


One to discuss in the Snug with Clive! I am very tempted to change in the future. Unless there is a V Good reason for it.


Cheers buddy.

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I looks like an extension piece of some kind. Does anyone know why it would have been done.



Wayne never seen anything similar before or aware of any written instructions to do it.


I suspect the original plug was lost or severely graunched up or the rather short thread on the sump was damaged, then this thing found to go in.


If it is an ad hoc repair there is no guarantee that the repair thingy is exactly the same thread. The thread on my sump is not very good & I found that the plug had been covered with thick wraps of PTFE but was by no means secure. For the time being I fitted a new plug but it still needed lots of PTFE. It can only be tightened to limp-hand tight. As a precaution to losing the plug I have fashioned a bracket to support the plug from underneath. Not beautiful but gives peace of mind.

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BIG day today

got the old girl running and drove her up and down for a short distance

Very Happy Chap

she took some time but coughed and spluttered into life.

it was very satisfying hearing her run and better still she moved :)


video clip to follow soon





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Apart from the door fitted side mirrors query that Clive answered via the 'Pig Pictures' thread I am wondering where would be best to buy a wiper arm that fits the Pig or even a pair of them.


Also the wiper blades are tiny so that would be a help too.


I can use the parts book, but if someone knows the other vehicle(s) that shared the same item, that would be useful.


Thanks to the knowledgeable collective. :-)



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Clive do you happen to know the gauge / thickness of the original material

used for the side lockers and rear wheel arches by chance.


Your image above states 1.6mm, which is 16gauge. Looking at my NOS panels I

haven't measured yet but suspect they are either 18gauge (1.27mm) or 20gauge



Do any of your documents on file quote such specifics.


I know from physically seeing yours that the thicker steel is much more

sensible and robust and I am tempted to follow your lead with my lockers.


I have some of the panels from the front lockers as you know in varying

states of condition and would use these as templates.


I think that one of the reasons why these panels rot so easily is because of

the thin metal and having folded edges for strength, which in turn trap

moisture. Thicker metal won't allow folded edges to be neat and slender meaning

that the flaps and lids wouldn't fit over the panels below?


I may also need a Humber to measure from, albeit the original angle framework

on the hull will be a good starting point.





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My thoughts? Well my blunt thoughts are sort out your brakes first! Automotive first, fancy bits second.


But in specific reply, FVRDE Spec 9224 only refers to "sheet metal external lockers" no gauge is specified although the varied thickness of the armour is laid down.


Many lockers you see are rebuilt & some very well. Mine are more rigid than original & I think look passable externally. The choice was either to pay a vast amount to have some made for me but to a specification I am unsure of or have the satisfaction of cobbling together something myself on the cheap.


The risk is you could pay a vast sum to have them built, yet not match the original spec & great care & skill needed to design them to fit. When I first constructed mine to drawings & measurements I did have the main sheets cut out for me, but as the lockers grew on the frame on the vehicle there were significant discrepancies. I would have been gutted if fancy professional ones didn't fit. I think a metal worker's view is you produce an accurate drawing & I'll make it to that. Getting that precise drawing is the problem. At least my locker growing on the vehicle side steps that & even takes account of the fact that one wheel is 1 cm wider than the other! Or rather it is positioned that way allowing for the position of the holes in the main body.


As for thickness I think the front locker lids should be your guide. The side rear lockers are of a more complex design. Mine were NOS complete with VAOS labels. :-D

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Cheers for that and a lot of sense applied there.


The drawing bit is not an issue for me as I have a qualification in geometrical and engineering drawing also, with access to CAD, but flimsy panels fitting well may be a BIG challenge as you say and cost a bit to get fabricated!


I would not expect you to be anything else other than honest and direct after all these years. Maybe even Blunt!


I will 'Park' this one ( :cool2:) and work on the brakes :rotfl::rotfl: ;););););)

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Doing some of this smaller stuff is quite therapeutic ;)


Yes Wayne especially when you are meant be working :D


I suppose you have been studying the stores label & sniffing the waxed paper. :cool2:


Don't worry it'll soon be Friday

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Yes Wayne especially when you are meant be working :D


I suppose you have been studying the stores label & sniffing the waxed paper. :cool2:


Don't worry it'll soon be Friday


I'm not in work Clive :)


I have been sniffing the canvas for the Piggy and you know what that does to a man ?!!!##

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A wise friend has always told me that the quality of a job is dependant upon the quality of the tools used.


I managed to acquire one of these previously from a reliable source, but spotted this rather handsome relative in a NOS state for little money, from a chap parting with old Champ items and the like.


I can now have a correct attachment for the Greaser and Oil apparatus ;)


This one is directional to......



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Well I tracked down this as the first convoy light replacement as mine was bashed in transit when the Pig was shunted onto the low loader.


conwoy 2.jpg


After a little more research and tracking of the internet I have just returned to see this item in my post.


I know the top cover cap is different on them both. The newer one is the correct item with the raised slot and not a bolt, but better to have spares of these older, but exact convoy lights.


convoy 039.jpg


Today has been a nice retail therapy day indeed.


Happy Friday

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I have just noticed that my Mk II Humber FV1611a has coinciding numbers between the chassis numbers and the ERM?


Is this just coincidence or was this how it was done?


The chassis is 21333


Its a Mark 2 with ERM 13BK33


I guess it made identification very simple.

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Thanks Clive.


Well I did some fabrication work today in my little workshop.


I have some old but original external locker panels for copying or repair.


The offside rear locker top, front section is intact so I made a copy today for the Nearside.


I have each of the mudguards three sided sections, so should be able to reproduce the original rear lockers okay.


I have measured them all up and produced CAD drawings, so that made the fabrication a little more logical.


New Rear Locker_Front section Nearside.jpg


The panel needs a little more work, with polishing welds etc and the holes for the fixings to the angle section on the hull, but I am really pleased how they have progressed.


They are virtually identical in size and profile, so hoping a neat fit.

New Rear Locker_Front section Nearside_2.jpg

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