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  1. Well I for one am extremely grateful to people like you and Clive, but that is relative to my toys.. So many specialist people it makes you dizzy:nut:
  2. That's why this forum is invaluable to all of us.....
  3. I suspect its the imperial to metric conversion that has caused the snug fit. I did explain reasons for use, but engineer was younger than me, so he followed by machine drawing. Its easier to lose a bit than add it on, so it will be all good in the end. The tolerance is probably less than 0.25mm as it slips over the end thread, but then is super tight .... Cheers
  4. Well I used the tool and its a bit tooooo snug.. Bugger! I've checked the dimensions and its bang on,as per the info shared... Its the merest of tolerance that is making it tight so was going to use a honing tool on the internal bore. I'll be using the micrometer on the hub sleeve to see just how tight it is..... I guess modern machining with computer accuracy means its very precise these days.... Update to follow with some pictures..... I need to keep my spare camera with the tools, so I remember to snap progress.....
  5. You know what its like with work and juggling the time with loved ones. I have buggered about for ages with this, not getting stuck in and have been forcing the time on piggy. Trouble is most of the time is spent restoring bits to be serviceable again... All progress but slower than bolting a new bit on... Ironically though I enjoy that stuff as its therapeutic Once I her stopping to match the going and charging then I can sort the prepping and preservation finishes. I have decided to get her to shows before the rear side lockers are complete so that can be works in progress. Also Henri is asking me when we are going camping in Humber at a show like Evesham!!! It would be good to see you too
  6. I know what you mean. They do look quite meaty and don't actually travel that far up and down the outer cabling. My expander has arrived now which looks lovely in its old yellow Lockheed boxing. Picture needed I know Infact after the brakes it should be mainly wheel arches cosmetic, painting and lighting to concentrate on.....
  7. Probably a question for Clive more than the collective. I am well advanced with the refurbishment of my brake expanders and tappet assemblies and need to get some photos added. Also found a NOS expander, albeit with the incorrect handbrake cable (interchangeable luckily with mine). I wondered if it was possible to obtain the handbrake cable assemblies, or get made up. The existing ones are in good condition internally and after a little oiling slid freely in the outer cabling. Just crossed my mind what happened if they went snap! My front expanders weren't seized but the rear were, so I have redone all of them with meticulous cleaning and new seals etc, with the obligitory rubber grease usage. They all operate smoothly know :-D Cheers
  8. Looking lovely Jeremy. Credit to your efforts indeed.
  9. Could you pm me johns contact number again please? Many thanks.
  10. The seals state 2762. Does anyone know if the KL71475 are the same shape. Both are described as 1 1/8" cup seals. I've emailed the seller but had no reply, and that was a few days ago. Keen to get an answer to complete expander rebuilds. Help appreciated Thanks
  11. PDF of the CAD drawing I did for the fabricator / machinist if it helps anyone out there. Thanks to Clive and Richard for their help on this. fv1611a oil sleeve.pdf
  12. Regrettably I have had to work around a couple of timeframes and deadlines recently, but was delighted to see this on my desk this morning. Richard thanks for the sketch
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