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GMC Snow Chains

R Cubed

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Well here is the latest addition for my GMC. A nice set of snow chains, but got them just in time for the snow to have melted, oh well just wait till it snows again :-D :-D :-D I am now soooo ready.

I have only just laid them over the tyres but you get the idea.
















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I believe they are post war Norwegian. I got 3 in the storage lockers of a Dodge WC54 i bought a few years back. They came in hesian sacks with a description in Norwegian. I also got a mixed load with the first jimmy i bought in 1999. It was also ex Norway. The Dodge 9.00 x 16 chains fit the Gmc 7.50 x 20 tyres. The picture showing 2 tyres with chains has a Dodge chain on the left and a Gmc chain on the right. If anybody has any i would be interested in buying/tradeing 3 of the sets for duals as i only have the 1 set. It's a real pain to fit a chain to each tyre. Hope this helps, regards David.

GMC Airborne Tipper 039.jpg

GMC Airborne Tipper 040.jpg

GMC Airborne Tipper 041.jpg

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The GMC tires would be 7.50-20's not sure of the Defender tire size but if your serious chains can be shortened in length very easy , its the width part that most important . next is making sure the chains are secured with tensioners to keep them tight on the wheels and last to watch your speed while driving with chains the faster you go the shorter their life .

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Always amazed by this forum, you post something silly like look at my new snow chains and you get lots of people saying wow never seen anything like that, and low and behold out of the blue people start posting I got some like that..... just goes to show what people have tucked away in their sheds ect...

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Well moving on a bit then does any one know what sort of chain would have been used to make snow chains, and with reference to my original post what would the spikes / studs be made of and how would they have been fixed to the chain links, look like spot welded but not sure ???

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