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  1. Yep, its that time again....Mike and i will be there, we are taking the GP this year but you can forget driving it there!......Cliff
  2. Before you take it out, check the gearbox lid and the stick. Be shaw that the pin on the bottom of the stick is not warn out and the slot that it fits in is OK.Its a known problem......Cliff
  3. murray, the oil filter has short line from bottom of the filter to the timing cover and a long line that starts at a union behind the fuel pump to the top of the filter...hope this helps ....best regards Cliff
  4. Rick , i sell the most comprehensive Earth kit that includes EVERY strap nut, bolt and clip and diagrams as to where they go. All for £135 plus P+P....HAPPY NEW YEAR... best regards Cliff...Universal Jeep Supplies
  5. i have some off those chains,[im only in milford] give me a call 01483 860403 any time after the 4th.....happy new year...best regards Cliff
  6. Mark, looks good to me!......good luck with it ....Cliff
  7. For all you Jimmi owners i have a small pile off N.O.S rear looms for jimmies @ £40 each... Cliff
  8. A very good friend of mine has paid nearly 16k for a nice willys MB...Cliff
  9. This was bodied by Willenhall coachcraft in Birmingham, one of 90.
  10. hello, this has jeep trailor rear brake back plates on the rear brakes!! clifford
  11. on the rebuild!! back too now!! thankyou clifford
  12. this is my woodie that i have recently finished.ew this woodie belonged to the earl of shrewsbury, he used it as a shooting brake, as i can see when i got it, it was in a very poor state. here is the full restoration start to finish: when i first got it. thankyou clifford harris
  13. jim , i broke up one of those for the engine, it was the same as yours and in a state of long term storage..all parts sealed up...loverly engine.........Cliff
  14. Hi Cliff

    get back from Mons OK? we had a rather damp return! pissed down from Mons to Chichester!!



  15. see if the leak is from the seam, is it is proberly because the needle used was slightly to big,the needle punches a hole that is bigger than the thead used...the problem dilemma is use 100% cotton thead that swells to fill the hole or use more modern theads that is more man made and does not swell so much....there is the BUT..cotton will rot 100 times faster than man made, and therefor the life of the canvas is in question...hope this explains...Cliff
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