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  1. Id donate a case of beer of your choice or a Nice bottle whiskey to you at W&P if you could... your attendance in a CVRT would help make the day... you could even store it there until the following weekends event.
  2. Hope you have a great day, but as a thought could you not also take 1 along to Anchor's day??
  3. I've been informed of an Armed Forces day event taking place this coming Saturday 25/06/16, its being held at Anchor Supplies in Ripley. They are invited vehicle owners along, who are interested in displaying there vehicles or if you just want to come along and join the fun and shop - 10% discount is being offered. More information please contact them directly on 01773 570137. please see flyer attached. AFD 2.pdf
  4. why couldn't you use a company such as recovery with a slide and tilt?
  5. What's wrong with a UN transit? Unless your saying they don't use them?
  6. Well they have Merc saloon, vw cc's etc etc so why not....
  7. hello you old git! Sorry I wasn't there to down a few beers with you but busy keeping the peace... But the boys did send me a few photos of you... Lol looks like a great place and show...
  8. Glad Ian has sorted it for you and your now smiling... Ian is a top bloke and MMI is proof of his good and hard work! What we need to understand is that Ian puts lots of time and effort in to the mag and may not always be able to reply quickly... But I'm sure if it was a life or death matter he would....
  9. As said, but i deleted in error, I did forward the link to this thread to Ian... Glad you have an answer...
  10. Nu-screw in wembley was aways a good source for things like this....
  11. This picture hangs on a wall in unficyp.. And clearly shows no side bin and no sign of any mounting for it...
  12. I have some photos of shorlands at budge back in 1995.... Would need to dig em out and scan them if you wanted to see...
  13. yes they did, they made a prototype and tried marketing it...
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