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  1. Thanks Nick, I had not seen that clip. The one I have seen is an early driver training film. Found under Tracks on cckw. Regards David.
  2. Video on youtube, search Tracks on cckw. Sorry, I do not know how to upload the video to this thread but I am sure one of you will help. Regards David.
  3. Hi all, I wonder if anyone has come across tracks that were fitted to Gmc cckw rear bogies, either singly or as a pair. They were also fitted to the front wheels when they were dualled. A set for sale would be ideal but I would settle for a sample, a drawing or information. As they are featured in the Gmc book by Emile Becker, I assume they are WW2. Thanks in advance, David.
  4. Forgot to say, rotation is anti-clockwise.
  5. I have 2 Hotchkiss M201's, both have the screened leads as per the photo in the manual, hope this clarifies the problem.
  6. Looking at the distributor, Top left = 4. Top right = 3. Bottom left = 2. Bottom right = 1. Hope this helps.
  7. I have a 353 hard cab and a 353 open cab air-portable tipper, you are welcome to look at and measure. I live just outside Inverness beside Loch Ness. Regards David.
  8. That's right Bill, For a K9 weren't they ? Regards David.
  9. Hi Bill, I thought the truck looked familiar, the give-away was the haulier. I have not seen the truck for a few years but it is a really nice vehicle. Good luck with the paintjob. Regards David.
  10. Hi Bill, Is this truck from Aberdeenshire ? Regards David.
  11. Hi Snapper, can you send me some contact details please, regards David.
  12. Hi Gordon, Do you have any details on the new track bands ? Regards David.
  13. Hi Giles, Yes, the eager beaver arrived from Holland in March. Seems to be complete, runs and drives well, hydraulics work, low hours/miles, poor tyres and brakes, obviously been standing for a while ! It should not require a huge amount of work, i hope ! I would have valued antarmike's comments, both before and after purchase but........ Regards David
  14. Hi Radek, The welbike was on ebay in may 2010. The location was Tasmania. I bought it but sold it to a guy in Holland at the end of last year. As everyone else has been saying it is yet another scam ! These are not the photo's that were on ebay, so possibly it had been advertised elsewhere. Here is a picture of it on my kitchen table just prior to selling. The furry seat cover and homemade petrol tank have been removed. Regards David.
  15. Jon, the chassis number is on the left above the front spring rear hanger. Hope this helps. David.
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