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Indicators for Jeeps?


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The time has come to fit some turn signals to the Jeep (6v).


Can anyone suggest a neat way of doing this?


Some thoughts I've had in the past:


1) Convert front blackout side lights to amber - but then you'd need to put sidelight bulbs in headlight?


2) Making up some LED units incorporating amber to replace the rear light innards, in a similar way to those made by Jessie the Jeep (he described these on here a while back) - but no time / skill base to do this.


3) There are some neat little LED units around - but where to fit them discreetly front / back?


Some LEDs state "for 12v" - does this mean they are not suitable for 6v, or that they will tolerate 12v?


Any ideas welcome!


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No idea about the LEDs, but the jeep conversion is quite straightforward.


Fit service stop taillights on both sides at the rear, pull the guts of the lower pods and convert to indicators either with yellow paint / plastic or amber bulbs.


Convert your front blackout lights to indicators, and you really need to gut the lenses and leave just the front lens or you can't see them, then buy two motorcycle 6v headlights with built-in running lights for up top - job done.


The headlights with built-in running lights aren't usually sealed beam, so you can experiment with removing the lenses and replacing them with originals if you want that SEELITE look.

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Hi Tony,


I incorporated LEDs into the blackout lights in addition to the existing blackout lights so that I could keep the original blackout lights working.


The disadvantage of having hidden indicators is that the normal road user does not see the indicators until they flash.. sometimes the other drivers don't even see them. I think it is better to have visible indicators even when they are not active (such as bike indicators fitted below the wings). There are usually a number of bolts that could be unfastened to attach a suitable indicator bracket to, and if you do it right they could be easily removable so as not to detract from the original appearance of your jeep when at shows.


Authenticity and original appearance might be important, but I'd rather not have a repair job due to some boy racing 'assuming' I'm going one way when I'm going the other!


12V LED indicators probably won't work on a 6V system as they would be biased for 12V operation. Have you considered motorbike indicators (LED or otherwise) as I think they are 6V


Cripps on 'the G' wrote a good article on fitting LED to blackout lights, do a search on the forum.


If at all possible, I wouldn't rip out the gizzards of your blackout lights!!!



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After a memorable Saturday morning when I almost collected two small cars under the front of the Dodge I bought a pair of small motorcycle indicators from a helpful bike shop on ebay and fitted beneath the front wings . They came with standard bayonet fittings inside so it's just a case of putting 6v bulbs in instead of 12v . They are visible but discreet when not lit and not over intrusive .

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